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Learning Equity in Education with Dr. ABC

July 9, 2021

By Communications Team

poster for equity seriesThroughout April, the Queen’s Education Student Society (ESS) held an Equity Workshop Series with Dr. Andrew B. Campbell (Dr. ABC) for teacher candidates to attend and engage with important topics relating to equity in educational settings. 

Each of the three interactive workshop sessions focused on a different facet of equity in education. The first session, titled Growing in Cultural Competence, encouraged participants to reflect on their or biases and assumptions related to understanding others. The second, titled Introduction to Racism/Anti-Black Racism: From Awareness to Action, explored the complexity of racism, and specifically anti-Black racism, within societal structures. The final session, titled Culturally Relevant and Responsive Education: Preparation, Planning, Pedagogy, and Practice, centered around education that takes an inclusive lens. 

What stands out among the feedback from attendees is the level of open and engaging dialogue Dr. Campbell was able to foster within the group in an online setting. Sarah Williams, a Professional Development Coordinator with the ESS who helped to organize the workshop series, highlights how Dr. Campbell’s collaborative approach made the series a positive experience with lasting impact. “Some of the topics covered can be overwhelming,” she explains, “but Dr. Campbell made it comfortable for everyone to ask questions and participate.” 

In each workshop, attendees took part in interactive activities involving breakout rooms, discussion boards, and the utilization of external resources. Importantly, many of the exercises focused on bringing the presented information forward as educators and community members, with one discussion board even being helpfully centered around long-term learning. 

When asked to describe the atmosphere of the workshop sessions with the teacher candidates, Dr. Campbell had two words: tuned in. “That was powerful,” he explains, “these students were highly engaged, and that showed in their participation, the questions they asked, and their collaboration in breakout rooms.” 

One of Dr. Campbell’s goals for the sessions was to help teacher candidates understand the power they have in creating inclusive spaces and ensuring students feel a sense of belonging. The responses from attendees indicate a clear achievement of that goal. “I really liked how Dr. Campbell provided us with ways to connect with students and families with such meaningful and supportive answers,” one teacher candidate writes. “DR.ABC was one of the most captivating speakers I have ever listened to. His words are so magical and his clear love for inclusive education is inspiring,” details another.  

There is one sentiment that has been echoed again and again across the many glowing responses received by the ESS since the workshop series came to an end in late April, perfectly captured by one teacher candidates words: “I have learned so much over the course of this series and am so grateful to have attended.”

The Faculty of Education would like to extend a warmest thank you to Dr. Andrew B. Campbell for leading the 2021 Equity Workshop Sessions, as well as Sarah Williams and Victoria Jay from the ESS for coordinating the series. 

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