Guest Lecture: Understanding the socio-cultural bases of the challenges of people with disabilities through an ecological lens


Monday April 11, 2022
11:00 am - 12:00 pm


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Santoshi Halder

Presenter: Professor Santoshi Halder, Department of Education, University of Calcutta, India; Visiting Queen’s as the Shastri-Indo Canadian Mobility Award Fellow. Learn more about the presenter (PDF 196 KB).

Host: Dr. Jordan Shurr

The wider and broader connotation of the term inclusion is to address any sort of seclusion and minority experiences due to background, identity, and ability (i.e., gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age, culture, and social class) or a combination of one or more of these together. Historically societies have witnessed different grounds of discrimination, based on the social and historical processes that shaped the constitutional traditions of each country and context or region. Categorization based on abilities or disabilities has influenced to a greater extent the well-being of human beings. Highlights of the presentation:

  • Huge Gap: Inclusion as a theory and practice for various reasons
  • Current status of participation and inclusion of people with disabilities (PwD).
  • Developing country perspective, highlighting India. The historical trajectory of legislation and Policy in India and its differential effects in the implementation due to socio-cultural factors.
  • Case studies/excerpts of the practices and the challenges (extracts from own research), focusing on women with disabilities and the socio-cultural factors.
  • Concludes with key priority areas for Future directions

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