Specialized Applied Graduate Experience (SAGE) Program

Customize your Graduate Education

Are you interested in bringing your career to the next level? Are you looking for a program that can help you grow as an education professional while you work?

Queen’s University Faculty of Education has designed the SAGE program as a customizable graduate experience, offering the choice of three different credentials within one program. SAGE is a course-based, fully online program, allowing you to explore diverse topics, expand your resume and experience, and grow as a professional.

Program Aim

The aim of the SAGE program is to develop progressive, ethical, competent, and thoughtful leaders in education through teaching, research, and professional collaboration. The SAGE program has been designed to connect students to enduring, contemporary, and emerging educational theories, practices, and mindsets.

Program Structure

The SAGE program offers a flexible and unique approach to post-graduate studies in education. All SAGE courses run asynchronously online, which means professionals can participate from anywhere in the world without disrupting their busy schedules.

The greatest benefit of the SAGE program is the associated nature of the three component programs and the way this association supports a highly customizable and focused learning experience for each student.

Each student has the option to complete individual programs within SAGE or partake in the entire carefully-scaffolded SAGE program that starts with the Post-Graduate Certificate, is invigorated by the Graduate Diploma in Education (GDE), and culminates in the Professional Master of Education (PME).  This allows students to determine the nature of the graduate learning experience they want.

Students who opt to complete all three component programs within SAGE will engage in the following learning sequence:

1. Post-Graduate Certificate

Candidates will begin with a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education, designed to help teachers create enriched learning opportunities for their students by collaborating with peers from around the world. Consisting of five courses in a specialized area, completion of this program qualifies students for advanced standing in two of the electives in the Graduate Diploma in Education (800; Self-Regulated Inquiry and Learning and 801; Creative Inquiry) and one elective (811; Innovation in Teaching and Learning) in the Professional Master of Education.

Post-Graduate Certificate

2. Graduate Diploma in Education

Next, candidates will complete our Graduate Diploma in Education, where they will examine their professional environment to understand it more deeply, to solve problems, and to effect change. Students will complete three courses in their chosen concentration selected from the following: Indigenous Education, Assessment and Evaluation, Classroom Specialist, Literacy Education, Global Education, or Educational Administration.

Graduate Diploma in Education

3. Professional Master of Education

The final credential and last step in the SAGE program is the Professional Master of Education in which students will build on their learning in the GDE program to broaden their understanding of educational theory and practice in relation to diverse professional contexts. Students will complete four additional courses, including a capstone course with a self-directed project to explore current and personally relevant educational issues and challenges.

Professional Master of Education

Five CTE/PS Courses - $650-$745 per course

Three GDE Courses - $1253.70 per course (domestic) or $2918.70 per course (international)

Four PME Courses - $1253.70 per course (domestic) or $2918.70 per course (international)

All fees listed are in Canadian Dollars and are subject to change. Please see the Office of the University Registrar website for the most up to date information.

To begin the program, you apply to the individual courses in the Continuing Teacher Education or Professional Studies post-graduate certificates. Once you have completed the post-graduate certificate, you will then apply through the School of Graduate Studies website, including an online form and step-by-step instructions for setting up your account. You will need to apply to the GDE and PME programs separately.

Note: The application for admission is used for all graduate programs at Queen’s University so you will notice that reference is often made to your research interests. Since you are applying for admission to a professional program, please relate your comments in these areas to your professional aspirations rather than to research.

Two Professional letters of recommendation (e.g. letters from an employer or workplace supervisor) can be submitted in support of applications to professional graduate programs. For applicants who apply to a professional graduate program, a Professional reference form will be generated for their referees through the online application system. Academic references are also acceptable. 

Referees are notified that you want them to provide a reference for you by email after you have submitted your online application, so please submit your application at least one week before the application deadline and be sure to include the correct email address. Applications will not be deemed complete and will not be reviewed by the admissions committee until all listed references are received.

In addition to the online application and application fee, applicants are required to submit an official transcript (envelopes from the institution cannot be opened) from all universities you have attended except for Queen's. Transcripts sent from the issuing university should be sent to:

School of Graduate Studies
Queen's University
Gordon Hall Room 425
74 Union Street
Kingston, Ontario
Canada K7L 3N6

If you have questions, please contact sage@queensu.ca.

Post-Graduate Certificate courses run eight times throughout the year and can be found on the Continuing Teacher Education or Professional Studies websites. GDE and PME application and start dates are below:
  • September start  -  Application deadline:  APRIL 1
  • January start  -  Application deadline:  AUGUST 1 
  • July start -  Application deadline:  FEBRUARY 1

These deadlines are firm and include the submission of all supporting documentation (transcripts and references). 

  • A baccalaureate degree from a recognized university
  • Graduation with a B- graduating average or higher (70% graduating average or a ranking in the top third of the graduating class where number grades are not available)
  • Under exceptional circumstances, consideration will be given to highly motivated individuals with relevant field experience who do not meet the B- requirement
  • Applicants whose native languages do not include English must have achieved the required level of proficiency on one of the language proficiency tests listed on the School of Graduate Studies website.

For additional information on language requirements and how to apply, please see queensu.ca/sgs/prospective-students/how-apply.

Applicants to the Graduate Diploma in Education (GDE) and the Professional Master of Education (PME) programs who have completed a post-graduate certificate through Queen's CTE as part of the Specialized Applied Graduate Experience (SAGE) program qualify for advanced standing.  If offered admission to the GDE program, students will be exempt from GDE/PME 800 and GDE/PME 801, which are two elective courses out of the 5 courses needed to complete the graduate diploma.  If students continue on to the PME program after GDE completion, they will be exempt from GDE/PME 811, another elective, for 3 total advanced standing credits throughout the SAGE program.

To be considered for advanced standing, submit a written request and a copy of your completed certificate to edonline@queensu.ca at the time of your application. You can download the  Advanced Standing Request Letter (PDF 114).

Graduates from our SAGE program normally receive higher teaching certification levels and increased salaries. Please check with your Board/Employer for details.

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