CSSE Conference

Canadian Society for the Study of Education Conference

Join us at the 2022 CSSE Conference, held remotely.

Many of our faculty and graduate students will be presenting their research at this conference.

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CSSE 2022 is hosted from May 14 to May 20. For more information about the CSSE 2022 Conference head to the official website.

2022 Queen's Events

All times below are in EST.

Friday, May 13

2:30 - 3:30 pm

CCPA-ACPC Pre-conference Concurrent Workshop 1

Description: Indigenous Ecological Knowledge Traditions
Presenters: Kiera Brant-Birioukov (York), Jackson Pind (Queen's)

Saturday, May 14

12:30 - 2:15 pm

LLRC-ACCLL Pre-conference Roundtables

Description: The performativity of social justice: High school youth experiences on social media and in the classroom
Presenters: Shuyuan Liu (Queen’s), Kenneth Gyamerah (Queen’s), Claire Ahn (Queen’s), Thashika Pillay (Queen’s)

Sunday, May 15

11 am - 12 pm

CACS-ACÉC Multi-paper: English Laguage Arts

Description: Strategies for Success: Educators' Experiences Preparing Applied Learners for the OSSLT
Presenters: Alexandra Minuk (Queen's), Nathan Rickey (Queen's), Claire Ahn (Queen's), Jane Chin (Queen's), Rebecca Luce-Kapler (Queen's)

CAEP-ACP Multi-paper: COVID-19 Parents

Description: The Role of School-Based Social Workers in Supporting Youth Mental Health
Presenters: Lori Kirkpatrick (Western), Michelle Searle (Queen's), Rachael Smyth, Christina Koumoutsidis (King's at Western), Jennifer Hughes (Queen's), Charlotte Schwass (Queen’s), Braden Cornfield, Katrina Carbone (Queen's)

CATE-ACFE Multi-paper: Classroom Assessment

Description: Investigating teacher assessment identity when immersing technology into classroom practices
Presenter: Katrina Carbone (Queen's)

Description: Unpacking Teachers' Assessment Challenges
Presenters: Michael Holden (Queen's), Nathan Rickey (Queen's), Christopher DeLuca (Queen's)

CCPA-ACPC Multi-paper: Thinking through citizenship, conscientizacao, and the commons in neoliberal times

Description: From Freire's "Conscientizing" Education to Microfinance Literacy to Conform with Local Power Structure and Neoliberal Hegemony: A Case study of the Shift of BRAC's Adult Education Program in Bangladesh
Presenter: Mohammad Fateh (Queen's)

LLRC-ACCLL Multi-paper: The Complexity of Reading in Upper Elementary

Description: Summarizing expository text and the relationship to reading skills
Presenters: Jessica Chan (UBC Okanagan), Miao Li (Houston), John Kirby (Queen's)

Sunday, May 15

12:30 - 1:45 pm

LLRC-ACCLL / CATE-ACFE Multi-paper: Teachers growing their understanding of literacies

Description: What's in a Website? An Evaluation of Literacy-Oriented Websites Used by Practicing Elementary Teachers
Presenters: Alexandra Minuk (Queen's), Pamela Beach (Queen's), Elena Favret (Queen's)

QSEC-ÉAÉC Multi-paper: Policy Objects / Policy Subjects

Description: A unicorn leading the way: A trickle-up approach to gender expression and gender identity human rights in K-12 schools
Presenters: Lee Airton (Queen's), Shay Hadley (Queen's), Jacob DesRochers (Queen's), Kel Martin (Queen's)

Sunday, May 15

3:45 - 5 pm

CACS-ACÉC Multi-paper: Assessment & Curriculum

Description: Student Self-Assessment in STEAM Education: A Praxis-Oriented Typology
Presenters: Nathan Rickey (Queen's), Michelle Dubek (OISE-UT), Christopher DeLuca (Queen's)

CACS-ACÉC Multi-paper: Social Justice

Description: Do not follow the yellow brick road: A journey to address the culture of whiteness in teaching through collaborative action research
Presenter: Elise Visentin (Queen's)

Sunday, May 15

5:30 - 6:45 pm

ACDE-ACDÉ Symposium: Panel Aspiring to Academic Leadership in Faculties, Colleges, Schools and Departments of Education

Chairs: Lace Marie Brogden (St. Francis Xavier), Rebecca Luce-Kapler (Queen's)
Presenters: Marianne Cormier (Moncton), Allyson Jule (Fraser Valley), Ken Montgomery (Windsor), Karen Ragoonaden (Manitoba)

CATE-ACFE Multi-paper: Professional Identity Development

Description: Learning through tensions: Student teacher assessment identity development
Presenters: Jenny Ge (Queen's), Katrina Carbone (Queen's), Michelle Searle (Queen's), Danielle LaPointe-McEwan (Queen's), Christopher DeLuca (Queen's)

Monday, May 16

11 am - 12 pm

CAEP-ACP Multi-paper: Teacher Stress

Description: Motivation profile of Canadian teachers: A Secondary Analysis of the TALIS 2018 Data
Presenters: Eleftherios Soleas (Queen's), Michael Holden (Queen's)

CIESC-SCÉCI Special Event: Graduate Student Session

Description: Communicating your research beyond the academy: Talking with community partners
Chair: Rebecca Stroud-Stasel (Queen’s)

QSEC-ÉAÉC Multi-paper: Sexualities, Schooling, and Queer Futures

Description: The home is not a monolith: Theorizing kinship in sexuality education
Presenter: Jacob DesRochers (Queen's)

Monday, May 16

12:30 - 1:45 pm

CCGSE-CCÉÉCSÉ Roundtables: Assessment & Evaluation

Description: Trouble in paradise: Current conceptions of classroom assessment and the need for a framework for emergent learning
Presenter: Michael Holden (Queen's)

CCGSE-CCÉÉCSÉ Roundtables: History Education

Description: A Recent History of History Education in Ontario
Presenter: Christopher McCuaig (Queen's)

CCGSE-CCÉÉCSÉ Roundtables: Transformative Teaching & Practice

Description: Advancing social change through community-engaged initiatives and partnerships
Presenter: Paisley Worthington (Queen's)

Monday, May 16

2:15 - 3:15 pm

CASEA-ACÉAS Multi-paper: Leading and Learning Across Post-Secondary

Description: Assessing Graduate Student Perceptions of Experiential Learning
Presenters: Michael Holden (Queen's), Paisley Worthington (Queen's), Michelle Searle (Queen's), Cheryl Mak (Queen's)

QSEC-ÉAÉC Multi-paper: Queer Representation and the Art of Expression

Description: Exploring Gender Identity and Gender Expression in Music Education
Presenter: Beck Watt (Queen's)

Monday, May 16

5:30 - 6:45 pm

CASIE-ACÉÉA Special Event

Description: Decolonizing Curriculum: Undoing Coloniality and Imagining Liberatory Futures
Chair: Aakriti Kapoor (Queen’s)

CATE-ACFE Special Event: Graduate Student Session

Description: Paradigm shifts in Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Indigeneity (EDII) and teacher education research
Chairs: Mandeep Gabhi (Queen's), Michael Holden (Queen's)

Tuesday, May 17

11 am - 12 pm

CASE-ACSÉ Multi-paper

Description: Examining Cultural Barriers Among Low-Income Post-Secondary Students in Ontario: Intergenerational influences
Presenters: Alana Butler (Queen's), Liying Cheng (Queen's), Sean Corcoran (Queen's), Hussain Raza (Queen's), Maria Shaikh (Queen's)

CERA-ACCÉ Multi-paper: Quantitative Methods

Description: Examining Teacher Perspectives of Team Innovativeness
Presenters: Eleftherios Soleas (Queen's), Michael Holden (Queen's)

CIESC-SCÉCI Multi-paper: Towards equity and justice in education research

Chair: Rebecca Stroud Stasel (Queen's)

Description: Bridging anti-oppressive pedagogies and critical global citizenship education: Pedagogical possibilities for de-streaming formal literacy education
Presenters: Thashika Pillay (Queen's), Karen Pashby (Manchester Metropolitan), Alana Butler (Queen's), Aakriti Kapoor (TDSB), Tanitia Munroe (TDSB), Hassina Alizai, Jason Earl (Queen's), Kenneth Gyamerah (Queen's), Alice Johnston, Jane Mao, Elise Visentin, Mohamed Yusuf (Queen’s)

Tuesday, May 17

12:30 - 1:45 pm

CIESC-SCÉCI Roundtables

Description: Exploring the Attitudes, Beliefs and Values of Preservice Teachers in Ontario Towards Social Justice Classes in Teacher Education Programs: A Critical Autoethnography
Presenter: Ethan Hodges (Queen's)

QSEC-ÉAÉC Roundtables: Queer Intersections

Description: Falling between the cracks: Compounding identity discrimination within healthcare
Presenter: Jane Mao (Queen's)

CIESC-SCÉCI Multi-paper: Anticolonial and decolonial frameworks for interrogating internationalization

Description: Investigating the Impact of K-12 International Recruitment Policyscapes through Neoliberal and Anti-Colonial Frames
Presenters: Kenneth Gyamerah (Queen's), Aakriti Kapoor (Queen's), Han Xu (Queen's)

Tuesday, May 17

2:15 - 3:15 pm

CATE-ACFE Multi-paper: Inquiring Into Well-Being During the Pandemic

Description: Pre-Service Teacher Thriving Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic: Program Lessons Learned Under Siege
Presenters: Eleftherios Soleas (Queen's), Heather Coe-Nesbitt (Queen's)

Tuesday, May 17

3:45 - 5 pm

CASEA-ACÉAS Multi-paper: Leading with an Ethic of Care

Description: School bus drivers' perceptions of bullying and school bus climate: Preliminary results
Presenters: Sawyer Hogenkamp (UCLA), John Bosica (Queen's)

CERA-ACCÉ Multi-paper: Research Impact and Partnerships

Description: How a Network of Universities is Building Institutional Knowledge Mobilization Capacity
Presenters: Stephen MacGregor (Queen's), David Phipps (York)

Description: What is evaluation use? A scoping review
Presenters: Jennifer Hughes (Queen's), Paisley Worthington (Queen's), Michelle Searle (Queen's), Amanda Cooper (Queen's), Rebecca Gokiert (Alberta), Mackenzie Gribbon (Queen’s)

Description: What is it like to do community-engaged research? Lessons learned from university researchers' perspectives
Presenters: Michael Holden (Queen's), Mairi McDermott (Calgary), Barbara Brown (Calgary), Sharon Friesen (Calgary)

CIESC-SCÉCI Multi-paper: Education in Southern contexts

Description: Challenges to Bridge Digital Access Divide in Higher Education: Evidence from Ghana During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Presenters: David Baidoo-Anu (Queen's), Kenneth Gyamerah (Queen's), Martha Munezhi (Queen's)

Tuesday, May 17

5:30 - 6:45 pm

CASEA-ACÉAS Symposium-Panel: Diverse Leadership Landscapes: Exploring the Terrain

Catherine McGregor (Victoria), Steve Sider (Laurier), Jacqueline Specht, Kimberly Maich, Donna McGhie-Richmond (Victoria), Jhonel Morvan, Awneet Sivia (Fraser Valley), Adrienne Chan, Shauneen Pete, Victoria Handford (Thompson Rivers), Leena Yahia (Queen's), Alana Butler (Queen's), Andrew Campbell (Queen’s), Christina Fields (Marist), Gloria Howell (Marist), Sherry Early (Marist), Grace Wong-Sneddon (Victoria), Rita Tremblay (Victoria), Ann Lopez (OISE-UT), Catherine Etmanski (Royal Roads), Asma-na-hi Antoine (Royal Roads), Will Weigler, Niels Agger-Gupta (Royal Roads), Cheryl Heykoop (Royal Roads), Connor McLaughlin, Shailoo Bedi (Victoria), Pamela Osmond-Johnson (Regina), Peter Turner (Regina)

LLRC-ACCLL Multi-paper: Critical Literacies

Description: Developing the foundation for media literacy in elementary classrooms
Presenters: Charlotte Schwass (Queen's), Emma Hamilton (Queen's), Claire Ahn (Queen's), Pamela Beach (Queen's)

Wednesday, May 18

11 am - 12 pm

CAARE-ACRAÉ Multi-paper

Description: Bridging the Gap: Fostering Success for Youth in Care
Presenters: Imaan Bayoumi (Queen's), Alana Butler (Queen's), Lindsay Morcom (Queen's)

CASIE-ACÉÉA Multi-paper

Description: Decolonizing Grades 7-10 STEM Instruction: The Generation of Guiding Principles and Discovery of Unanticipated Outcomes
Presenter: Alice Johnston (Queen's)

CERA-ACCÉ Multi-paper: Curriculum, Assessment

Description: Streaming and Standardized Testing: A Closer Look at the Achievement Gap for Applied Level Learners
Presenters: Alexandra Minuk (Queen's), Claire Ahn (Queen's), Jane Chin (Queen's), Rebecca Luce-Kapler (Queen's)

Wednesday, May 18

3:45 - 5 pm

CACS-ACÉC Symposium-Panel: Exploring New Directions for Historical Thinking

Presenters: Sara Karn (Queen's), Alim Fakirani (UBC), Laurie Pageau (Laval), Rafael Capo (UBC)

CACS-ACÉC Multi-paper: Digital Futures

Description: What's social media got to do with it: The power of #BlackLivesMatter in decolonizing curriculum and pedagogy
Presenters: Shuyuan Liu (Queen's), Kenneth Gyamerah (Queen's), Claire Ahn (Queen's), Thashika Pillay (Queen's)

CASE-ACSÉ Special Event: Invited Symposium: Contemporary Issues in the Canadian Sociology of Education

Chairs: Alana Butler (Queen’s), Jeannie Kerr (Winnipeg), David Mandzuk (Manitoba), Ee-Seul Yoon (Manitoba)

CASIE-ACÉÉA Symposium-Panel: Pedagogies of Inheriting: A framework for taking up positionality, relationship, and responsibility in the Post-Secondary Classroom

Presenters: Lisa Taylor (Bishop's), Lynne Davis (Trent), Jan Hare (UBC), Lindsay Morcom (Queen's), Chris Hiller (Waterloo)

CATE-ACFE Multi-paper: Teacher Education and Teacher Identity

Description: Becoming a teacher in Ontario's Teacher Education Programs: Beginning teachers' professional identity formation
Presenter: Mandeep Kaur Gabhi (Queen's)

CERA-ACCÉ Multi-paper: Canadian and International Landscapes

Description: What are we missing? Categorization of Secondary Education in Ghana: Unpacking the Experiences of Teachers and Students in Category C Schools
Presenters: Christopher DeLuca (Queen's), David Baidoo-Anu (Queen's)

Description: Theoretical Underpinnings and Contrasts of Culture Shock Theory: Stories from Educators at International Schools Overseas
Presenter: Rebecca Stroud Stasel (Queen's)

Wednesday, May 18

5:30 - 6:45 pm

CAEP-ACP Multi-paper: Transitions

Description: Shaping the adaptive behaviours of youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities through peer-mediated programming: A scoping review
Presenter: Kianna Mau (Queen's)

CAFE-ACÉFÉ Multi-paper: The Local and the Global

Description: Colonial Success and Rejection of Indigenous/Adibashi Knowledge Systems in Bangladesh: Is it all about grades?
Presenter: Tanzina Tahereen (Queen's)

CERA-ACCÉ Multi-paper: Sociocultural Models and Adaptations

Description: Assessment Culture in Ghana: Towards Equitable Quality Classroom Assessment Practices
Presenters: David Baidoo-Anu (Queen's), Christopher DeLuca (Queen's)

CIESC-SCÉCI Multi-paper: International educators and the pedagogies of internationalization

Description: Student Advocacy in the Policyscaped world of International Schools: Some Challenges for Culturally Responsive Educators
Presenter: Rebecca Stroud Stasel (Queen's)

Thursday, May 19

11 am - 12 pm

CAEP-ACP Multi-paper: Inclusive Education Students with Disabilities

Description: The Right Place at the Right Time: Trends in the Classroom Placement of Students with ASD
Presenter: Alexandra Minuk (Queen's)

Description: A snapshot of parent-focused research on inclusive education for students with intellectual disability from 1994-2019
Presenters: Jordan Shurr (Queen's), Alexandra Minuk (Queen's)

CERA-ACCÉ Multi-paper: Professional Development

Description: Collaborative Data Analysis: A Cross Case Analysis of Learning from Data Parties
Presenters: Katrina Carbone (Queen's), Paisley Worthington (Queen's), Michelle Searle (Queen's)

Thursday, May 19

12:30 - 1:45 pm

CAEP-ACP Roundtables

Description: Examining the Connection between Internal Strengths, Self-Regulation and Students' Attitudes toward their Exceptionality
Presenter: Sunaira Tejpar (Queen's)

CAREC-ACRPE Roundtables

Description: Rhythmic Movements and Self-Regulation: Is there a correlation?
Presenter: Susan Overvelde (Queen's)

LLRC-ACCLL Roundtables

Description: Using self-directed listening exercises to improve senior French Immersion students' French and develop their learner autonomy
Presenter: Christine Armstrong (Queen's)

CAEP-ACP Posters

Description: Examining Students' Perceptions of their Hidden Exceptionalities: A Systematic Review
Presenters: Ian Matheson (Queen's), Sunaira Tejpar (Queen's), Jordan Shurr (Queen's)

Thursday, May 19

2:15 - 3:15 pm

CASIE-ACÉÉA Multi-paper

Description: Data Sovereignty for Indigenous History of Education Research
Presenter: Jackson Pind (Queen's)

CERA-ACCÉ Multi-paper: Educational Evaluation

Description: Building Learning Partnerships with a Collaborative Approach to Evaluation
Presenters: Paisley Worthington (Queen's), Michael Holden (Queen's), Cheryl Mak (Queen's), Michelle Searle (Queen's)

Description: Tracing Cognition and Affect: Toward a Theory of Student Self-Assessment Processes
Presenter: Nathan Rickey (Queen's)

Description: Evaluating a Program Designed to Prepare Educators for Supporting Students with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Presenters: Heather Braund (Queen's), Kristy Timmons (Queen's), James Reynolds (Queen's)

Thursday, May 19

3:45 - 5 pm

CASE-ACSÉ Multi-paper

Description: Conceptualizing sex offending in men with intellectual and developmental disabilities: A scoping review
Presenters: Kianna Mau (Queen's), Andrea Hill (Queen's)

CERA-ACCÉ Multi-paper: Assessment Approaches

Description: Impact of TOEFL Primary Tests (Remote Proctored Tests) on Young Test-Takers
Presenter: Jia Guo (Queen's)

Description: A priority player: Rethinking classroom assessment amidst emergency remote teaching
Presenters: Amanda Cooper (Queen's), Christopher DeLuca (Queen's), Michael Holden (Queen's), Stephen MacGregor (Queen's)

Description: Supporting Fairness in Classroom Assessment: The Development and Validation of Classroom Assessment Fairness Inventory
Presenters: Amirhossein Rasooli (Alberta), Christopher DeLuca (Queen's), Liying Cheng (Queen's), Amin Mousavi (Saskatchewan)

CIESC-SCÉCI Multi-paper: Diverse perspectives on the internationalization of education: The IB and beyond

Chair: Han Xu (Queen’s)

Description: Deciding to Implement the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme: A Case Study
Presenter: Sanjay Lalwani (Queen's)

Description: A diachronic analysis on the employment prospects of Chinese vocational education and training graduates
Presenter: Han Xu (Queen's)

Thursday, May 19

5:30 - 6:45 pm

CATE-ACFE Symposium-Panel: Finding and Selecting FSL Teachers - The role of French Language Proficiency Assessments

Presenter: Stefan Merchant (Queen's), David Jack (Ontario Public School Boards Association

2022 Program Committee Members: Michael Holden (Queen’s), Claire Ahn (Queen’s), Alana Butler (Queen’s), Thashika Pillay (Queen’s), Jacob DesRochers (Queen’s)