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Science made cool

Welcome to mykitchenscienceshow! It is no secret that social media is a significant part of students’ everyday lives. Technology and apps continually make it easier to learn from and utilize this form of media, and students have found a place where they are engaged and can thrive. The need for empowering and equipping our students through media literacy education has never been more important; fun and engaging too!

mykitchenscienceshow provides an opportunity for student’s creativity to flourish and allow their individual voices and talents to be highlighted; potentially to a worldwide audience. Through our approach, students learn and discover through what naturally engages their interests and passions.

  • Teachers can use mykitchenscienceshow as an engaging virtual or in-class project.
  • Parents can use it for home schooling and/or being involved in what their child is studying at school.
  • Students can extend their learning and passion with their own kitchen science experiments.

Video creation is an amazing project-based, cross-curricular and 21st century skill building tool. Pick one of our featured kitchen science topics to video or introduce your own kitchen experiment. It’s fun, it’s easy and it’s science made cool.

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How do I get my science video on mykitchenscienceshow?

See these 8 easy steps to create and submit your kitchen science experiment video!

Queens’s University, Faculty of Education is proud to sponsor this science community outreach program. Please contact Chris Carlton for any additional information.