Camp Outlook is a volunteer organization run mostly by students and alumni of Queen's. It takes youth on multi-day canoe expeditions. 

The organization was recently profiled in the Alumni Review in the lead-up to their 50th anniversary reunion weekend that is happening later this summer. 

Education alum Danielle Skinner discussed how her time volunteering lead to her becoming a teacher. 

Danielle Skinner, Artsci/PHE’03, Ed’05, became a teacher because of her time volunteering as an expedition leader with Camp Outlook. She was a biology major at Queen’s and was thinking about a career in health care. Her Camp Outlook trips showed her that she loved making a positive impact on young people’s lives.  

“I had never considered getting into teaching before Camp Outlook. Not once,” says Skinner, who has been a teacher for 18 years. “I thought about how special it was to see (the campers’) growth through the trips and how special it was to be able to connect with somebody on such a personal level and help them.”

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