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Faculty of Education

Options Career Fair

Monday, January 10, 2022, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Options Career Fair aims to provide our B.Ed./Dip.Ed. candidates with information about career opportunities and application procedures. Options is for district school boards from Ontario and other provinces, and other Canadian and international organizations, to host a booth and hold presentations in a virtual platform. This event is hosted by Education Student Services, with assistance from the Education Student Society.

Queen's B.Ed/Dip.Ed Candidates and Education Graduate Students:

Queen's teacher candidates, M.Ed and PhD students are NOT required to register for the Options Career Fair. Teacher candidates​' class schedules will be adjusted for you to be able to attend this event. If you have any questions please contact our Academic and Career Advisors in Education Student Services: ed.careers@queensu.ca

School Boards and Organizations:

Options Career Fair is an invitational event for school boards and organizations. If you would like to attend, please contact our Academic and Career Advisors in Education Stiudent Services for further information on registration: ed.careers@queensu.ca.

Invitations to Options 2022 will go out in November 2021.

Registration Fees: Your school board or organization will be assessed a fee for participating, as follows:

  • Canadian School Boards: No charge
  • Not-for Profit Organizations: No charge
  • International Schools and Organizations: $250.00
  • Canadian Organizations: $250.00

Not able to attend our annual Options event? See other opportunities to hire our graduates and please contact us at ed.careers@queensu.ca to discuss alternatives.

Event Information


A booth will be provided for each school board or organization. More details will be available soon about booths, breakout spaces and presentations. Please note that presentations will be running concurrently. Staff from Education Student Services will be available throughout the fair to facilitate professional connections between employers and students.

Cancellation Policy

Please send notice of cancellation in writing to ed.careers@queensu.ca. There is no refund if an organization cancels or does not attend the fair.