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Our Elder-in-Residence is available to support Indigenous students in our Aboriginal Education programs.

Elder-in-Residence Deb St. Amant

Deb St. Amant (Bezhig Waabshke Ma’iingan Gewetigaabo) graduated from our Faculty of Education in 1982. Her father was Métis and her mother is Ojibwe. Deb retired from teaching in 2012 but still enjoys guest speaking about Indigenous issues and other equity themes. In 2014, she wrote a book aimed at teacher candidates, titled First Nations, Métis and Inuit Student Success. She continues to work in the education community and Kingston area community offering teaching circles, healing circles, ceremonies, and cultural teachings.  She also promotes language learning as an organizer of the Kingston Indigenous Languages Nest.

Deb is here to offer culture-based counselling, guidance and support to ensure that our students have the necessary support in reaching their educational goals. Support may include:

  • Academic and personal counselling;
  • Shared problem solving;
  • Helping students navigate the learning structures and expectations at Queen’s University
  • Regular check-ins to further each student’s progress in coursework and research
  • Support and encouragement to foster the student’s success in meeting their academic responsibilities in a timely manner

The Elder enriches Faculty of Education offerings with their life experience, knowledge, and ability to provide Indigenous teachings. The Elder further fosters and strengthens community engagement at the Faculty, and helps to link culture, community and academia. In all of their work, the Elder-in-Residence integrates Indigenous ethics, values and principles; carries their own knowledge and life wisdom with respect while respecting those of all students, faculty and staff; and upholds the integrity of the Faculty of Education and Queen's University while supporting students in the development of their own knowledge bundles.

The Elder facilitates increased awareness of Anishinaabe culture and language, in recognition that the Faculty of Education has a high Anishinaabe student population, particularly in the community-based ATEP and WISE program offerings. 

How to contact our Elder

You can make an appointment with Deb directly with her over email

The Elder-in-Residence position was established with the support of Ms. Oriel MacLennan in memory of her mother, Edwina Diaper, MEd’82, who was a teacher in the Kingston community for many years.