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Master of Education

The Master of Education program is designed to develop the leadership abilities that emerge from graduate study, including critical reflection, research and writing.

  • Two graduate students in front of a sign welcoming new students.

    New students are welcomed & mentored by returning grad students.

  • Students at the Meet and Greet

    Every year starts with a Meet and Greet for students, faculty & staff.

  • Students in class

    Seminars are flexible so students can pursue their own interests.

  • Students in a research group holding signs

    Students participate in Faculty events & the work of our research groups.

  • A student presenting their research.

    There are many opportunities for students to present their research.

  • Students and faculty at the symposium

    Students organize our annual Rosa Bruno-Jofré Symposium in Education.

  • A student presenting at the 3MT

    Participation in external conferences & events is supported.

  • Grad students in the Grad Student Facility

    Our grad student facility has a library, desks, computers & kitchen.

  • Students at an EGSS event

    The Education Graduate Student Society organizes activities year-round.

  • Faculty members

    Faculty & staff members are available to assist students. Contact us.


  • Full-time or part-time study.
  • 2 degree patterns: 6 half-courses + thesis or 8 half-courses + project.
  • Each course is seminar style and consists of 36 instructional hours.
  • Students are assigned and meet regularly with an academic program advisor.
  • The minimum time for degree completion is 12 months (full-time) or 24 months (part-time), the average time is 18-24 months (full-time) and 36-48 months (part-time).
  • There is a MEd Dual Degree program available.

Fields of Study

Students in the M.Ed. program are not required to select a field of study. They will follow a general program selecting courses of interest from our graduate course offerings in consultation with their program advisor.


Brief descriptions of the courses offered in the M.Ed. program can be found in the School of Graduate Studies calendar. All students in this program must take EDUC-890* (Introduction to Educational Research), and it is a prerequisite for all of the advanced research courses, i.e. 892, 894, 895, and 896.

These schedules are samples only. Fall and Winter Term courses may or may not be offered in the terms shown on the samples. Specific dates are subject to instructor availability and are chosen in consultation with community partner organizations where the courses are held, to avoid scheduling conflicts with local events.

Application Deadline & Start Dates

Applications are due by January 15, 2017.

Full-time students are normally considered for September admission. A new application and non-refundable application fee are required if the applicant for September 2017 is accepted but requests to begin the program in July 2017 instead.

Part-time students may begin their program in September, January or July. Note that part-time applicants who choose to apply for July 2017 admission are applying to the last term of the 2015/2016 academic year. A new application and non-refundable application fee are required if the applicant for July 2017 is accepted but requests to begin the program in September 2017 instead.

Late Applications

Late applications will be accepted from domestic applicants until April 15, 2017, including the submission of all supporting documentation, for the 2017/2018 academic year. This extension, unfortunately, does not apply to international applicants.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Queen's M.Ed. program undertake or return to successful careers in a wide variety of professional settings, positions of increased responsibility in school boards, teaching at the college, primary or secondary school level, or continue graduate study in the field of education as a doctoral student.

Chart showing categories of employment after graduation.

Admission Requirements
  • professional experience, a B.Ed. degree or its equivalent, and a minimum of a B- (70-72.9%) average in a Bachelor's degree or its equivalent, or
  • two years professional or industrial experience, and a minimum of a B- average in a Bachelor's Honours degree or its equivalent, or
  • a B.Ed. degree, and a minimum of a mid-B (73-76.9%) average in a Bachelor's degree or its equivalent

Part-time students may begin their program in September, January or July. Full-time students are normally considered for September admission.

Special Admission Requirements

Applicants who do not have professional teaching experience or a B.Ed. degree, but who have a record of high academic achievement (80% or higher) in an Honours Degree or its equivalent as well as demonstrated exceptional ability to undertake research, are also encouraged to apply. A maximum of five full-time students may qualify for special admissions annually.

Prior to admission, applicants in this category must present courses that constitute preparation for research in education and, in Pattern I (thesis route), they must develop a program of study with a member of Graduate Faculty.

The program of study may require more than the normal 10 half-courses, and may include courses from other Faculty programs. The program of study must be approved by the Faculty's Graduate Studies and Research Committee before the application can be approved.

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