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Rebecca Luce-Kapler

Dean of Education
613-533-6000 ext. 77238

B.Ed., M.Ed., Ph.D. (Alberta)
Professor of Language and Literacy Education, Graduate Faculty
Blog: writingbrains.blogspot.com

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests
  • Writing processes, pedagogies, and technologies
  • E-literature, fiction, and poetry
  • Teacher education
  • Curriculum theory

Rebecca Luce-Kapler is currently Dean of the Faculty of Education, Queen’s University. Her research interests focus on the integral role of literary practices, particularly writing, in the development of human consciousness and identity. This work has contributed to understanding the normative power of cultural forms and the importance of interpretive reading and writing practices for generative learning and teaching. She is author of Writing with, through, and beyond the text: An ecology of language and The gardens where she dreams. She is co-author of Engaging Minds: Changing teaching in complex times and Language and learning: An introduction for teaching.

Current Research Grant

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Standard Grant, High School Students in Applied English Programs: What are the Factors Impacting their Performance on the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test. Principal Investigator, Don Klinger.

Recent Publications

Pyle, A. & Luce-Kapler, R. (2014): Looking beyond the academic and developmental logics in kindergarten education: The role of Schwab's commonplaces in classroom based research, Early Child Development and Care, DOI: 10.1080/03004430.2014.897945
Luce-Kapler, R. (2013). Composing: The work of Geraldine Moodie. Canadian Woman Studies, 30 (1), 39-42.

Luce-Kapler, R. (2013). What is found there: Why poetry is still relevant in school. In T. Dobson, C. Leggo, & K. James (Eds.), English in middle and secondary classrooms: Creative and critical advice from Canadian Teacher Educators (192-195). Toronto: Pearson.

Luce-Kapler, R. (2013). Composing: The work of Geraldine Moodie. Canadian Woman Studies, 30 (1), 39-42.

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To Maple Creek in the Cypress Hills. (2013). The Prairie Journal, 59, 16.

Self-Portrait: Battleford, 1895. (2013). The Prairie Journal, 59, 17.

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