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International Connections

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The Faculty of Education is internationally recognized for its research, its researchers, and its partnerships with educators around the globe. Faculty members conduct and present research abroad and also collaborate with research partners around the world on a variety of international initiatives and projects.

Teacher candidates and graduate students also have opportunities to participate in international projects, exchanges, and practica as a part of their programs, and they are advised about seeking international work opportunities by staff at our Education Career Services.

The Faculty provides generous support to faculty members, graduate students, and teacher candidates for creating and maintaining international connections through the Elliott/Upitis/Bamji Travel Fellowships.

Three people involved in a research project in Tanzania

Alternative Practicum

The Alternative Practicum is completed by BEd candidates in March each year and may be done abroad. Hundreds of teacher candidates have completed international placements in more than 75 partner countries over the past 15 years. Placements have been done in schools and international schools as well as institutions such as museums, galleries, hospitals and theatres.

Teachers' Overseas Recruiting Fair (TORF)

The Faculty organizes the annual Teachers' Overseas Recruiting Fair. With approximately 80 international schools participating, this is the original and largest event of its kind in Canada.

International Teacher Placement Service (ITPS)

For teachers unable to attend the Recruiting Fair, Education Career Services also maintains a registry of teachers interested in international opportunities, the International Teacher Placement Service. This service operates on a year-round basis and is open to teachers with certification in North America.

Theory and History of Education International Research Group

The Theory and History of Education International Research Group aims at sharing research, engaging in collaborative scholarly work, generating academic exchanges or symposia, and producing scholarly work in various languages related to the history and philosophy of education.

UNESCO Chair in Arts and Learning

The UNESCO Chair in Arts and Learning promotes the priorities of UNESCO in relation to arts education, creativity, teacher education, research, and e-learning. The main priority is to encourage and strengthen international linkages and capacity building in arts education.

A visiting student from Cuba experiencing snow for the first time


The Faculty has developed agreements for faculty visits, student exchanges, and research collaboration with the following universities.









New Zealand




United Kingdom

For information on participating through these agreements, please contact Sandra McCance.

For information on visas and immigration, please contact Queen’s University International Centre.

A grad student in China

flags of countries where we have partners