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Christopher DeLuca

Associate Professor of Classroom Assessment
613-533-6000 ext. 77675

BSc (Toronto), B.Ed., M.Ed., PhD (Queen's)

Associate Professor of Classroom Assessment, Graduate Faculty

Website: www.cdeluca.com

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests
  • Pre-service and in-service teacher education in assessment and evaluation
  • Integration of classroom assessment across the curriculum to support student learning
  • Validity theory in educational assessment, programming, and research
  • Inclusivity, diversity, and equity in education
  • Contemporary curriculum theory

Dr. DeLuca (PhD, Queen’s University) is an Associate Professor and Graduate Faculty member in Classroom Assessment and Curriculum Studies at the Faculty of Education, Queen’s University. Previously, Dr. DeLuca was an Assistant Professor at the University of South Florida (Tampa, USA) and has worked in the area of policy research in London, England.

Dr. DeLuca’s research examines the complex intersection of curriculum and pedagogy as operating within frameworks of educational assessment and educational inclusivity. His work largely focuses on supporting teachers in negotiating these two critical areas of their practice. In particular, Dr. DeLuca’s research centres on how pre-service and in-service teachers learn to engage the complexities of assessing student learning in relation to the evolving accountability culture in today’s classrooms. For more information, see the research spotlight.

Dr. DeLuca’s work has been published in national and international journals. Further, his research has been recognized through several awards and has received continuous funding by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Dr. DeLuca is currently the President of the Canadian Educational Researchers’ Association and co-Editor of the Canadian Journal of Education. At Queen’s, Dr. DeLuca is an active member of the Faculty of Education’s Assessment and Evaluation Group and teaches in both undergraduate and graduate programs.

Selected Publications

DeLuca, C., Luhanga, U., & LaPointe, D. (in press). Teacher Assessment Literacy: What is it and how do we measure it? Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Accountability.

Pyle, A., & DeLuca, C. (in press). Assessment in play-based kindergarten classrooms: An empirical study of teacher perspectives and practices. Journal of Educational Research.

DeLuca, C., Shulha, J., Luhanga, U., Shulha, L. M., Klinger, D. A., & Christou, T. (2015) Collaborative inquiry as a professional learning structure for educators: A scoping review. Professional Development in Education, 41(1), 640-670.

Birenbaum, M., DeLuca, C., Earl, L., Heritage, M., Klenowski, V., Looney, A., Smith, K., Timperley, H., Volante, L., & Wyatt-Smith, C. (2015). International trends in the implementation of assessment: Implications for policy and practice. Policy Futures in Education, 13(1), 117-140.

DeLuca, C., Klinger, D., Pyper, J., Shulha, L., & Woods, J. (2015). Building school district capacity in assessment for learning: A study on the effectiveness of an instructional rounds professional learning approach. Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy and Practice, 22(1), 122-139.

DeLuca, C., & Lam, C. (2014). Preparing teachers for assessment within diverse classrooms: An analysis of teacher candidates’ readiness. Teacher Education Quarterly, 41(3).

DeLuca, C., & Hughes, S. (2014). Assessment in early primary education: An empirical study of five school contexts. Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 28(4), 441-460.

DeLuca, C., & Bolden, B. (2014). Music performance assessment: Exploring three approaches for quality rubric construction. Music Educators Journal, 101(1), 70-76.

DeLuca, C., & Bellara, A. (2013). The current state of assessment education: Aligning policy, standards, and teacher education curriculum. Journal of Teacher Education, 64(4), 356-372.

DeLuca, C. (2013). Toward an interdisciplinary framework for inclusivity in education. Canadian Journal of Education, 36(1), 305-348.

Pyle, A., & DeLuca, C. (2013). Assessment in the kindergarten classroom: An empirical study of teachers' assessment approaches. Early Childhood Education Journal, 41(5), 373-380.

DeLuca, C., Chavez, T., Cao, C., & Bellara, A. (2013). Changing Conceptions of Assessment: Pedagogies for Pre-service Assessment Education. The Teacher Educator, 48(2), 128-142.

DeLuca, C. (2012). Preparing teachers for the age of accountability: Toward a framework for assessment education. Teacher Education Yearbook XXI: A Special Issue of Action in Teacher Education, 34(5/6), 576-591.

DeLuca, C. (2012). Selecting inclusive teacher candidates: Validity and reliability issues in admission policy and practice. Teacher Education Quarterly, 39(4), 7-32.

DeLuca, C., Chavez, T., & Cao, C. (2012). Establishing a foundation for valid teacher judgments: The role of pre-service assessment education. Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy and Practice, Special Issue: Moderation Practice and Teacher Judgment, 1-20.

DeLuca, C. (2011). Interpretive validity theory: Mapping a methodology for the validation of educational assessments. Educational Research, 53(3), 303-320.

Koch, M., & DeLuca, C. (2011). Narrative case description: An approach to validation in the context of high-stakes assessments. Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy & Practice, Special Issue: High-stakes Assessments, 19(1), 99-116.

DeLuca, C. (2010). The capacity of assessment in arts education. Encounters in Education, Special Issue: Navigating the UNESCO Roadmap for Arts Education: Current Directions in Research and Best Practice, 11, 3-12.

DeLuca, C., & Klinger, D. A. (2010). Assessment literacy development: Identifying gaps in teacher candidates’ learning. Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy & Practice, 17(4), 419-438.


Ph.D. Students

M.Ed. Students


  • Lalai Abbas (M.Ed, 2016)
  • Heather Braund (M.Ed, 2016)
  • Bing Bai (M.Ed, 2016)
  • Jessika Diakun(M.Ed, 2016)
  • Meaghan Low (M.Ed, 2015)
  • Cheng Zhou (M.Ed, 2015)
  • Paul Vernon (SSHRC CGS Fellowship) (M.Ed, 2014)
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