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Assessment & Evaluation Group

The members of the AEG against a lunar backdrop.

Assessment and Evaluation Group (AEG) faculty members and graduate students engage in independent and collaborative research, program reviews and consulting. ​The Group operates in many educational contexts, with a wide variety of clients, using multiple and mixed methods of inquiry. It operates from the premise that high quality measurement, assessment and evaluation is a foundation for meaningful evidence-informed decision-making.

AEG works on an internship model of scholarly development. Projects are conducted with the goal of contributing to and disseminating new knowledge while building the practical and research capacities of graduate students. All our inquiry is directed at promoting learning and improving educational programs.

AEG offers courses at the undergraduate (e.g., Assessment & Evaluation module of PROF 150/155, EDST 408, EDST 409 and graduate levels, including a PhD in Education program with a concentration in Assessment and Evaluation.

AEG provides services in the following areas:

  • Assessment Practices: build instruments; analyze test data; advise schools and districts on assessment programs;
  • Classroom Practices: support collaborative professional learning; integrate assessment into teaching and learning;
  • Program Evaluation: program development; program improvement; program review.

AEG reports to the Advisory Research Council of Queen's University.

Graduate Students
Luhanga, Ulemu
Shulha, Jason
Mills, Adam
Brown, Matthew
Bai, Bing
Toprak, Alycia
Low, Meghan
Rich, Jessica
Zhou, Cheng
Liu, Xiaoqian
Battista, Adam
Valiquette, Adelina
Etemadi, Behzad
Mitri, Mino
McNutt, James

Two group members holding up the Earth.

The letters 'AEG' written on a sandy beach.