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Visiting Scholar Presentation by Weiqiang Wang

Join us for a visiting scholar presentation by Dr. Weiqiang Wang:

Business English Language Education in China: Taking Stock and Looking Forward

2:30 - 3:30 pm
Thursday, July 14​, 2016
e-Hub (B242)
Duncan McArthur Hall

Weiqang Wang

Dr. Weiqiang Wang Dr. Weiqiang Wang is Associate Professor at School of English for International Business, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.  He is visiting Queen’s until September in order to conduct research with Dr. Liying Cheng on language classroom assessment in the Chinese and Canadian contexts. For more information, see Associate Professor from China visits Queen’s to Research Language Classroom Assessment.

Abstract: Against the background of China’s rapid economic integration into the world economy, there is an increasing demand for business talents to be proficient in both business expertise and English language. Programs of Business English Language Education (BELE) in Chinese higher education have emerged in response to such a call for business talents. These BELE programs, a key emergent part of English language education in China, aim to produce business professionals who have a good command of the English language and comprehensive knowledge about business, including economics, business management, business law, finance, international trade, and electronic commerce. This new university major combining Business and English language education was approved and promoted by the Chinese Ministry of Education in 2006. Since then, 216 universities have established BE major in their respective faculties.

As a faculty member of a school featuring a major BELE program, I will discuss, in this talk, the historic development and the future direction of such a program in China. The talk will cover three topics: BELE’s socio-political background, status quo, and prospects. As a researcher on language classroom assessment, I will also present findings on some assessment practices in those BELLE classrooms which aim at fostering student self-regulatory skill and synergizing their English and Business subject learning.