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Visiting Scholar Presentation by Dr. Megan Crawford

Join us for a visiting scholar presentation by Dr. Megan Crawford (Coventry University, UK): The Emerging ‘School-Led’ System in EnglandDr. Megan Crawford Professor of Educational Postgraduate Programmes, Centre for Global Learning, Education and Attainment, Coventry University, UK.

Tuesday, September 17​, 2019. 12:00 - 1:30 pm.
Duncan McArthur Hall, Vernon Ready Room A115
511 Union St., Kingston, ON

About Dr. Megan Crawford

Dr. Megan Crawford is a Professor of Educational Postgraduate Programmes, Centre for Global Learning, Education and Attainment, Coventry University, UK. Her research interests include: leadership in all phases of education; emotion and leadership; professional learning, and educational policy. Originally a primary deputy, she moved into HE after completing her PG degree. She has worked at several UK universities, including Warwick, Cambridge, UCL IOE, and the Open University. She was Director of the Plymouth Institute of Education from 2014-2018. She has been involved in school governance since the 1990s and have set up new schools, and currently is the Chair of a Multi Academy Trust. She has authored and co-authored multiple articles and books on leadership, including Getting to the Heart of Leadership: Emotion and Educational Leadership (SAGE). See Dr. Megan Crawford’s website.

Abstract: Since 2010, the goal of a central plank of education policy in England has been to set in train processes through which schools are encouraged, and in some cases required, to become independent of local authorities (districts) and funded directly by central government. The Government’s vision of creating a complete system of ‘independent’ schools is more radical than anything that has gone before. The fragmentation implicit in Government policy means that the ‘local’ is being fundamentally redefined and that redefinition will be enacted differently in different local circumstances. This presentation will draw on the data from a longitudinal study that aimed to explore where the system is, and may be going.