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Faculty of Education
Faculty of Education

FacultyShare: Understanding Early Career Teaching within the Pan-Canadian Context

Presenter: Ben Kutsyuruba
Date: Thursday, March 1st, 2018
Time: 1:30 pm
Location: Vernon Ready Room

There is a growing need to understand the attrition, retention, and development of early career teaching within the pan-Canadian scope.

This presentation will highlight the findings from the recent multi-year pan-Canadian research project, funded by SSRHC, entitled “Understanding Teacher Attrition and Retention: The Role of Teacher Induction and Mentorship Programs.” The purpose of this multi-phase, mixed-method study was to explore the differential impact of teacher induction and mentorship programs on the early-career teachers’ retention, as perceived across the provinces and territories.

This presentation will feature findings from:

  1. The international systematic review of the literature on contextual factors in early career teaching;
  2. Key findings from the pan-Canadian document analysis of teacher induction and mentoring programs and policies;
  3. Results of the pan-Canadian New Teacher Survey (N=1343) from all provinces and territories; and,
  4. Perceptions and experiences of the Canadian early career teachers with teacher induction and mentoring programs, based on the new teacher interviews (N=36).

The session will conclude with the discussion of research implications for policymakers, academics, and practitioners who work with early career teachers in Canada.