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Overseas Placement Services for Teachers

Launch Your International Teaching Career With Us

Are you a qualified or soon to be qualified teacher looking for you next adventure of teaching overseas? Register to join our online placement services through our recruitment portal and our recruiting fair that will help you to find an international teaching position that is right for you.

Teachers’ Overseas Placement Services (TOPS)

You can look for jobs and connect with international schools through our online teachers’ overseas placement services, offered all year around. Through TOPS, you will have the opportunity to learn about international schools and what they have to offer, apply to current vacancies, potentially interview with internationals school administrators, and sign contracts for the upcoming school year. Our expert advisors are here to coach you and support you throughout the entire process. You will have access to a number of videos that consist of panel discussions and presentations that address topics such as teaching overseas, preparing for interviews, how to determine the right “fit” when selecting a school, and how to prepare for your big move.

Teachers' Overseas Recruiting Fair

At our Teachers’ Overseas Recruiting Fair (TORF), registered candidates have the opportunity to interview for teaching positions around the world, learn about the international schools through presentations, attend workshops, and meet with school administrators face-to-face, and sign contracts.

TORF this year is being offered through our online TOPS due to COVID-19. The on-site fair will not be offered in January 2021. 

Reasons to register for the Queen's teachers' overseas placement services:

  • We will advise you on how to prepare your teaching career plan for the next year and beyond;

  • You will have access to many teaching positions with international accredited schools around the world;

  • We will help you understand each school's individual nature so you can make the best decision about where internationally you would like to teach;

  • You will have exclusive access to our webinars that will help you prepare for your career search and teaching abroad;

  • Financial and international tax experts will be available to advise you on your financial matters.

Please note that the positions and location of the schools vary widely, and that the numbers of positions will change throughout the year, depending on the hiring peak. For this reason, we suggest that each candidate be open to considering vacancies in schools in at least two continents to increase the likelihood of securing a contract.

Contact Us

For questions about eligibility or registration, please contact:

Teachers' Overseas Recruiting Fair