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Faculty of Education
Faculty of Education

They Travel & Accommodations 

Queen’s University is located in Kingston, ON, which is approximately 3 hours from both Toronto and Montreal by car.

Information on travel to Kingston can be found on the main Queen’s website.

The main campus, where THEY 2019 will be held, is approximately a 20 minute walk from the downtown waterfront.

There is also bus service to the Queen’s campus, operated by Kingston Transit; the cash fare is $3 and can only be paid in coins (no change is given on municipal buses).

In addition to local hotels and BnBs, Queen’s Residences offers summer accommodations on a per-night basis. For more information, visit Queen’s Event Services Summer Accommodations.

We have some informal hosting space available for attendees, staying with faculty and graduate students in various programs at Queen’s. If you would like to be added to the list for such accommodations, please send an email to the organizers (theyconference2019@gmail.com), including your planned arrival and departure dates and any restrictions (for example, allergies to cats or dogs).