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Student Experiences

Discover what our students experience at the Faculty of Education at Queen's University. Read about their own stories, adventures and opportunities during their studies. Want to have your story featured? Email justine.mayhew@queensu.ca for more information on how to be featured.

Student Experiences: Queen's TORF Launched my International Career

December 12, 2018
By: Sarah Taylor

My name is Sarah Taylor and I am a former Queen's Concurrent Education grad who grew up in the charming city of Kingston, Ontario. Having attended university in my hometown, I was always itching to experience the world of international education and haven't looked back since.

For the past seven years, I have been living in Brussels, Belgium teaching Middle School English at the International School of Brussels. One of my favorite aspects of working alongside my grade 7s, 8s, and 9s is watching them develop their own voices as writers as they learn to borrow author’s craft inspiration from the varied voices we read and analyze.

Sarah Taylor abroad at the Scotland Locs

Student Experiences: OEE Field Camp is a Life-Changing Experience

November 15, 2018
By: Christopher Mangaser

My name is Christopher Mangaser and I am an Outdoor and Experiential Education Teaching Candidate here at Queens University. I have previously attended the University of Ontario Institute of Technology taking a Criminology Degree with sights on becoming a police officer. However, working with many youth organizations, I found myself wanting to become a teacher. I’ve always done things differently because I did not want to be like everyone else.

Finding the OEE (Outdoor and Experiential Education) program was a jackpot because it was a cross between my two passions, working with youth and the outdoors. So here it is, the beginning of how I fell in love with the OEE program. How a boy from the Durham Region came to Kingston, wanting to become something better than what I left behind.

OEE Teacher Candidates enjoying the sunset during their field camp

Student Experiences: Tech. Ed. Community Cupboard for sharing food and school supplies

September 25, 2018
By: Daniel Troisi

My name is Daniel Troisi and I am a B. Ed. Teacher Candidate in Technological Education at Queen’s. I am a Red-Seal Chef by trade and hold a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Guelph where I studied Hotel and Food Administration. My experience at the faculty has been defined by my role on ESS as the Tech-Ed representative, as the recipient of the D.E Loney prize upon graduation and, finally, by my leadership role in creating Queen’s Community Cupboard.

Queen’s Community Cupboard is a project designed and developed by student’s in Technological Education. Located on Student Street by Jean Royce Hall, its mission is to provide Queen's Faculty of Education with an accessible space, where non-perishable food items and new school supplies can be donated and taken on a perpetual basis.

Queen's Community Cupboard with students who built it

Student Experiences: Creating an Online Resource for Teaching Aboriginal Education

August 24, 2018
By: Olivia Rondeau

My name is Olivia Rondeau. I am a Mixed Heritage (Mohawk and French) student currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Education program. I am of mixed Mohawk descent. My Mohawk ancestry is from the Kahnawake Mohawk Territory which is located on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River, across from Montreal, Quebec.

It is because of my cultural background and the people that I know who have been affected by residential schools, that teaching Aboriginal education is so important to the reconciliation and healing process of so many of our students and their family members. As teacher candidates, we learn so much about the importance of teaching FNMI curriculum, but I found that many people were unsure of the resources and community supports available to assist them in creating culturally relevant curriculum.

Olivia Rondeau at Duncan McArthur Hall Queen's University

Student Experiences: A Master’s Experience of the Dual-degree Program

July 23, 2018
By: Jiawen Fan

My name is Jiawen Fan. I am an international student from China and an MEd candidate currently enrolled in Dual Master of Education Degree Program. I can’t believe it is close to the end of my journey. My time here at Queen’s has been invaluable and enriching.

Initially, I really didn’t know what to expect as I am one of the first group of students to go through the program, and it was slightly challenging to get used to the changes both academically and emotionally. Classroom interaction is much more intense compared to the class back in China. One of the challenges that I confronted with is the doubt of my abilities to keep up in fast-paced discussions and to express myself in cooperative activities, but students from my class are always nice by slowing down their pace of speech with patience and encouraging me to voice out my opinions.

Crawford Gallery First Day of Spring

Student Experiences: The Accessible Mental Health Initiative

June 25, 2018
By: Emily Cehic

Hey! My name is Emily Cehic and I just finished my third year here at Queen’s. Over the past year, I had the amazing opportunity to create a social justice action as a part of one of my classes. As teacher candidates, we often learn about different mental illnesses and how to create an I.E.P., but I found that it was hard to find resources relevant to teachers.

As such, I created the website The Accessible Mental Health Initiative (www.amhi-online.com) to help open the conversation and make mental health an ongoing discussion within schools. As someone who is both a teacher candidate and has a mental illness, this project quickly turned from coursework to a passion project. Everyone has mental health, by talking about it in classrooms and creating positive environments teachers have the opportunity to make a positive change.

Crawford Gallery First Day of Spring

Student Experiences: With Queen's Alternative Practicum the sky is your limit

May 17, 2018
By: Laura Schindel

What I love most about the Queen's Alternative Practicum experience is how vague and broad it is, "something educational outside the typical classroom setting," the sky is your limit. Being in the Artist in Community Education (ACE) Program, I just had to do something that involved some art. Our instructors told us to dream big because this was an opportunity to do something or to have an experience we always imagined having.

Crawford Gallery First Day of Spring

Student Experiences: My Path to Graduate School

April 28, 2018
By: Andrew Coombs

I am constantly amazed by the multitude of paths that my fellow graduate students have taken to our program. We are drawn from around the world to Duncan MacArthur Hall, bringing with us a stunning array of experiences, skills, and knowledge. It is this diversity that makes our Faculty such an illuminating (and productive) place to be.

Graduate Student Andrew Coombs with colleagues at Queen's University

Student Experiences: What I Learned During My Practicum

April 5, 2018
By: Katie Croft

Hello! My name is Katie Croft and I am near the end of my journey with the Faculty of Education program, graduating July 2018. I am in the primary/junior division and my FOCI is Leadership in School Organizations. Queen’s has provided me with such an amazing experience from the program itself to the classes and to the practicums and I would love to share this experience with you. 

Student Experiences: How I Prepared for my Open Graduate Defence

March 20, 2018
By: Ian Matheson

Knowing that you are going to be examined in front of your peers is daunting. I don't know many people that would be excited by the prospect, and I'm certainly not one of them. I think I’ll always remember the tightening I had in my stomach that wouldn’t go away as the weeks became days, and the days became hours. I always knew that I was building to this, but I think I was short-sighted throughout grad school—focused on the next task directly in front of me.