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Student Experiences: Once in a Lifetime Opportunity - Studying and Teaching Abroad at the BISC!

February 6, 2018 

  • Maysam Abu Khreibeh at the Bader International Study Center (BISC)
  • Second Year Students Exploring East Sussex, United Kingdom
  • Walking around the waterfront of BISC in UK
  • Maysam Abu Khreibeh with award and friends at BISC

Hi there! My name is Maysam Abu Khreibeh and I am currently a second-year B.Ed. Teacher Candidate in the Intermediate/Senior Divisions studying Global Development Studies with a concentration in History and First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Studies. I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to experience learning and teaching at the Bader International Study Center (BISC), in the UK for my very first year of university. From weekly practicum experiences in many different classrooms to experiential learning opportunities and traveling adventures, the BISC taught me the true meaning of self-directed, immersive and meaningful learning which every aspiring teacher should strive to have!

Gaining Practicum Experience Abroad

I was very lucky to be a part of the very first and largest cohort of Con-Ed students gaining practicum experience while attending the BISC. We were privileged in that we were able to experience classrooms from kindergarten (in the UK they call it “reception”) classrooms to grade 9, in both private and public schools. We were also able to see the differences between the Canadian and English education systems. I was able to realize my love for grades 7 to 8 classrooms after being given the opportunity to teach a psychology lesson and see the enthusiasm and love for learning with the amazing kids in my classroom!

I can honestly say that I learned more during my 6 months at the BISC than I ever did during my four years of high school! My professors always pushed me to reach my full potential on any project, especially those that required research. Through experiential learning trips across the UK and Europe, our eyes were open various analytical frameworks. For instance, we were able to understand the intensive legacy that colonialism has bled through generations into our lives! I remember my wonderful Global Development prof, Barbara Holler pushed me to present a research paper I was proud of at the academic conference among my inspiring peers and faculty. It was an absolute honour and an authentic experience learning opportunity that I will never forget!

The Intimate Community at the Bader International Study Centre

The intimate small community at the BISC allowed me to learn at an exponential rate and be involved in initiatives I am passionate about. With the support of the spectacular and genuinely caring Student Life staff, students and faculty, I was able to begin a Multicultural/Heritage Club where students were given the chance to share their stories and explore ways of life all over the world! We were able to initiate letter-writing campaigns for global, and national causes, international food nights, conduct an important talk with a local Imam on Islam after the Quebec Mosque shooting, and conduct weekly student-led discussions on international films, and student stories. I was also able to perform the spotlight spoken word in the Vagina Monologues and reconnect with my love for poetry and performance arts. I also supported my wonderful, passionate friends who took part in initiatives such as the choir, the photography club, and the student council!


If you have a passion and love for community and meaningful learning with real practical experience, the BISC is for you. It will push you to embody the spirit of an active learner and teacher as you are encouraged to think globally and act locally!

(With special thanks to the 2016/2017 student body, Faculty and Student Life staff, especially Barbara Holler for creating a space for authentic learning experiences and true community connections!)

Maysam Abu Khreibeh