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ITEP Gave me an Environment Where I Felt Safe, Cared for, and Supported.

December 5, 2019

By Liv Rondeau

The Indigenous Teacher Education Program (ITEP) at Queen’s University Faculty of Education is more than a program, it is a community. It is a community where you can feel comfortable to express your identity and be proud of who you are. Prior to enrolling in ITEP, I struggled with my Indigenous identity and often did not disclose to others. ITEP gave me an environment where I felt safe, cared for, and supported. When I found myself in ITEP, I began to see myself represented in the curriculum, the learning environment, the professor, and amongst my peers, this made all the differences in my educational experience. It also encouraged building strong relationships between Indigenous students and non-Indigenous students and collaborating on ways to be change makers, together. I found myself embracing my Indigenous identity and becoming a proud Mixed Heritage (Mohawk and French) leader striving to make social change for Indigenous people, in my everyday life.

ATEP team with Liv Rondeau
Strawberry from the ATEP medicine garden

ITEP gave me the opportunity to raise awareness of Indigenous culture in the Queen's community.

The ITEP program has provided me with many opportunities to raise awareness of Indigenous culture, language, rights, and history in the Queen’s community. One of the best experiences I have had while in the ITEP program was working as the Sacred Medicine Garden Helper. This job allowed me to develop a deeper cultural knowledge and awareness surrounding traditional Indigenous agricultural methods, the importance of the garden in building community and encouraging collaboration, as well as raising awareness surrounding Indigenous food sovereignty.

It was a fun and educational experience that increased my interest in many different topics and challenged me to think more critically about how land-based education needs to be encouraged in our educational institutions.  

From B.Ed. to MEd 

I have found that now, in the MEd program, I have been able to provide others with leadership opportunities and I have experienced first-hand the positive and life-lasting impact that the ITEP program is having on others.  I can never put into words the way that ITEP has changed my life for the better. It has truly been a privilege to work and learn alongside Paul, Kate, Lindsay, Deb, Alice, Jen, and Kelly. They are all unique individuals who bring something special to the ITEP team, and I look forward to being able to continue working with them in the future.

Liv Rondeau received the Agnes Tricolour Award