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Sir John, Eh? The Road Show Dress Rehearsal

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SALON Theatre Productions invites you to the Sir John, Eh? The Road Show Dress Rehearsal.

5:30 pm, Wednesday, March 25, 2015
Duncan McArthur Auditorium
511 Union Street, Kingston, ON

As part of our SirJohnA2015 project, SALON Theatre Productions is commemorating the bicentennial of Canada’s first Prime Minister with a six-week national school tour that will take them from Vancouver to Halifax this spring.

After enjoying the play, Queen’s educators and teaching candidates will be invited to discuss strategies for engaging youth in discussion. This is a chance for SALON to receive feedback as to how we can stimulate a healthy and engaging conversation in each school.  We are also proud to take this opportunity to show our work to friends and partners, old and new.

This acclaimed show is a fluid flexible and portable production, created and performed by SALON’s young, talented and trained actors. We are genuinely excited for this unique opportunity to both share with and learn from our community. We hope you can attend.

Paul Dyck, Artistic Director, and Lowell Gasoi, General Manager

Please RSVP to gm@sirjohna2015.ca