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ScholarShare March 22

Learn about the awesome scholarly work going on around you be Graduate Students at the Faculty of Education.


Andrew Coombs - Exploring the relationship between teacher mindset and approaches to assessment - What is the relationship between teachers’ mindsets about learning and their approach to classroom assessment? Do teachers who believe that intelligence and learning are malleable prioritize formative and student-centred approaches to assessment? How does this mindset influence teachers’ approach to assessment fairness? Does mindset influence how a teacher approaches the assessment process? In this presentation, Andrew will discuss the answers to these questions and many more as he shares his work and that of his co-authors Dr. Chris DeLuca and Danielle LaPointe-McEwan.

Clarissa DeLeon - Back to the drawing board: Overcoming unexpected roadblocks in my Master’s research​ - What do you do when your research doesn’t go as planned? How do you balance adaptability with authenticity? In this presentation, I discuss the challenges MEd students can face in their thesis research by sharing my story including: how I arrived at my research interests, the challenges I’ve faced in conducting my thesis research, and how I am working to overcome them.

Rebecca Stroud Stasel - The Lit Review Speaks! Envisioning literature review perspectives as characters in a play - ​When research unfolds in the form of a play, the lit review becomes the most exciting scene. Because the landscape of this sample of research was both reflective and in the field of dramatic arts, it made sense to write it as a play. Thus, all of the sources that I invited into my literature review became characters in the play. This session explores the process of writing a literature review as a theatrical text, and the implications this has for academic writing.