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Preparing Teachers for Assessing Student Learning

In a series of studies, Dr. Christopher DeLuca has examined curricular and pedagogical structures to support teachers in using classroom assessment as a tool to promote student learning.

A teacher candidate in front of a class.

The current accountability model of public education has resulted in an increased emphasis on assessment in Canadian schools. Classroom assessment practices within this model have significantly impacted the nature of education, teaching, and learning. Accordingly, there is a growing demand for teachers to be assessment literate - education professionals who understand the complexities of educational assessment and who effectively integrate assessments into their programming to support and monitor student learning. However, despite these increased requirements for teacher assessment literacy, research has shown that teachers are largely unprepared to address current assessment demands, with beginning teachers particularly unconfident in this area.

The purpose of this research agenda is to support teachers in leveraging assessment as a positive structure that promotes student learning within their classrooms. In collaboration with the Assessment and Evaluation Group, and through several studies, Dr. DeLuca has examined the pedagogical and curricular structures that help teachers better understand assessment in relation to their practice. Specifically, the research has suggested the need to connect theoretical, philosophical, and practical aspects of learning about assessment. The aim of this research is to ensure that classroom assessments serve to reinforce positive school learning cultures that promote student growth and achievement.

Key Findings

  1. Teacher candidates have the capacity to engage in deep learning about assessment structures and their impact on learning.
  2. While teacher candidates are new to the teaching profession, their conceptions of assessment may be advanced and aligned to contemporary theory in assessment.
  3. Teacher learning about assessment is enhanced with explicit instruction on the theoretical, philosophical, and practical dimensions of classroom assessment.

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