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Faculty of Education


The paved parking lots immediately behind McArthur Hall require a parking permit, which must be purchased from Campus Parking.

There is a "pay and display" parking lot in front of McArthur Hall. You can choose to pay by coin, credit card, or by using the Honk smart phone app. City of Kingston parking tickets are issued for parking violations. Once you receive a ticket, the Faculty has no means of waiving it and cannot pay the fine for you. Parking permits are not required after 5 pm or on weekends.

Duncan McArthur Hall Parking Map

Teacher Candidate Parking

This is an exclusive offer for teacher candidates (Consecutive B.Ed., Dip.Ed. and final year Concurrent) only. Permit holders can use this permit to park behind Duncan McArthur Hall in the paved lots (not the gravel lots at Richardson Stadium).

This special permit agreement provides the convenience of only paying for parking during scheduled classes (no payment is taken for teaching placement weeks).​