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Lynda Colgan Nominated for Kingston Outstanding Woman of the Year Award

Lynda ColganSince arriving in Kingston in 1998, to assume her role as a Professor of Mathematics Education at Queen’s University, Lynda Colgan has been devoted to transforming Kingston into STEM City, STEM being Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

She recognized immediately that Kingston was unique with its post-secondary institutions, community organizations, museums, clubs and centres of excellence and innovation. Lynda set out on her mission to celebrate, support and grow STEM in as many ways as possible. She has for decades hosted STEM-focused public education events to inspire people of all ages to learn and love science and math. Lynda is also the founder and coordinator of Science Rendezvous Kingston, the largest celebration of science, scientists and scientific research in Canada.

Leigh Burton commented on her interaction with Lynda:

When I met with Lynda, she was warm in her sharing that “Kingston is large enough to have everything one needs, yet is always aiming higher. For a smaller city, it is VERY significant in terms of STEM and that is because the people and the city of Kingston are incredibly supportive”.

As the Director of the Education Community Outreach Centre, Lynda collaborates with many agencies in town, including the Boys and Girls Club. She also provides weekly respite care for a family that she feels she is able to assist in making life a bit easier.

If Lynda wins, the proceeds from this year’s events will be donated to the Kingston Boys and Girls Club. To vote for Lynda Colgan, please click here.

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