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Celebration of Scholarly Activity

There is a lot of scholarly activity that takes place at our Faculty of Education. To celebrate the scholarly accomplishments of our faculty members, our Faculty hosted the first Annual Celebration of Scholarly Activity on February 21, 2017.

We shared the 2016 success stories of our faculty members.

Accomplishments of 2016:

  • Ben Bolden: recipient of the 2016 Choral Canada Competition for Choral Writing for his composition titled "Tread Softly" (learn more); and a new chairholder of the Faculty's UNESCO Chair in Arts & Learning
  • Rosa Bruno-Jofre: a SSHRC Connection Grant, a project titled “Educationalization of social and moral problems in the western world and the educationalization of the world: historical dimensions through time and space”; and ASPP Publication Grant for work titled "Catholic Education in the Wake of Vatican II"
  • Liying Cheng: a book titled "Assessment in the Language Classroom | Teachers Supporting Student Learning" (2017) (learn more)
  • Lynda Colgan: a Ministry of Education grant for a project titled "Building parent engagement: A project to support the implementation of Ontario's Renewed Mathematics Strategy"; a Ministry of Education and the KNAER Secretariat grant for a project titled "Mathematics Knowledge Network: The Fields Institute"
  • Amanda Cooper: a SSHRC Partnership Development Grant, co-applicant on a project titled "CITED: Partnered knowledge mobilization between researchers and media organizations" (learn more)
  • Richard Reeve: a book titled "Design as Scholarship: Case Studies from the Learning Sciences" (2016), co-edited with Vanessa Svilhla


When: February 21, 2017 from 2:30pm to 4:00pm

Where: Education Library, Duncan McArthur Hall

Details: The celebration included the following speeches:

  • A welcome message by Liying Cheng, Acting Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies
  • A message from John Fisher, Associate Vice-Principal (Research)
  • One-minute overview of the accomplishments from each faculty member
  • Closing remarks by the 2016 recipients of the Faculty Awards in Research (Chris DeLuca) and International Research and Collaboration (Ben Kutsyuruba)
What qualifies for this celebration?
The Celebration of Scholarly Activity highlights the following scholarly achievements of our faculty members:
  • new SSHRC grants
  • new external research grants/contracts
  • Special awards, including new journal publication awards (e.g., official recognition of publication awards from scholarly societies or conferences, best paper of the year, or most cited paper of the year)
  • Book publications