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Faculty of Education
Faculty of Education

Message from Dean Rebecca Luce-Kapler

On behalf of the Faculty of Education, I would like to offer my support and solidarity to students, faculty, staff, family and friends in our community following the recent United States ban on immigration and Sunday night’s attack at a mosque in Quebec City. This is a difficult time for many of us, especially the members of the Muslim community. It is important to reflect on how we live together and express support towards each other by condemning such hateful and violent actions.
At our Faculty, we are very fortunate to have a diverse community of students, faculty and staff who help to build an open and inclusive society through our strong belief in the importance of education. Our values are reflected through the learning, teaching, and research in which we all participate.
I thank every one of you for being there for each other. I am available to speak with the members of our community and to offer my support. I also encourage you to connect with our Personal Counsellors, who are available here at the Faculty, and to review the Queen’s travel and immigration resource website. Graduate students may want to read Dean Brenda Brouwer’s message.
Let us continue to be the caring and compassionate community we are in the days ahead.
Rebecca Luce-Kapler
Professor and Dean
Faculty of Education | Queen’s University