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Lynda Colgan Wins University Council Distinguished Service Award

Lynda ColganDr. Lynda Colgan is one of the recipients of a University Council Distinguished Service Award for 2016. The awards will be announced at the University Council Dinner on November 5, 2016.

Inaugurated by the University Council in 1974, the Distinguished Service Award​ recognizes individuals who have made the University a better place through their extraordinary contributions. Recipients become Honorary Life Members of the Council.

Dr. Michael Blennerhassett, a faculty member in the Department of Medicine and one of Dr. Colgan's nominators for the award, summed up her extraordinary contribution:

“I am always struck by her attention to detail and the grasp of larger events, which is rare to see combined, and perhaps it makes sense that she is so good at communicating mathematics to others. Indeed, one of the major problems in science generally, and STEM overall, is the poor or absent ability of its experts to communicate to lay audiences about the nature and importance of the work that we do. Good at our specialties, we fail in creating the larger picture of relevance and significance. Here, Lynda makes up for us, as an absolute genius of communication in her area of math.”

Congratulations Lynda!