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Student Experiences: Miss Lee the Science Queen

November 20, 2017 

By Kerri Lee

Hello! My name is Kerri Lee and I am a B.Ed. Teacher Candidate in the Primary/Junior Divisions with a concentration in ACE (Artist in Community Education). I recently completed my practicum in a grade 3 classroom where I had the opportunity to teach a variety of subjects, including introductory lessons for their science unit on forces. As an educator who is passionate about the arts, I was eager to find a way to incorporate an aspect of drama or theatre into my lessons.

As I was brainstorming for a hook for the forces unit, I thought back to my own memories of elementary school and one of my first thoughts was of Bill Nye the Science Guy. I remember how engaged and inspired I became each time our class watched an episode, because his enthusiasm for science was contagious and he explained all of the concepts so clearly. What stood out to me the most was that he always emphasized how the concepts were applicable in everyday life, which I believe is extremely important for students to understand. This is where my “aha” moment kicked in: why not follow Bill Nye’s lead and foster the same excitement by making videos with my own spin?

It was very rewarding to see my students respond so enthusiastically to the videos and to see them become excited about the unit. They became even more engaged when I brought my “science outfit” to school (a white lab coat and squash goggles) to make my “transformation” into Miss Lee the Science Queen.

I have attached the YouTube links to my videos below. Both of the videos were made using iMovie on a classroom iPad. This program is both student-friendly and teacher-friendly, and I found it very convenient to be able to both film and edit on one device. Episode 1 (Introduction to Forces) and Episode 2 (Contact and Non-Contact Forces) (you can scroll to the bottom to see the embedded videos). After we watched Episode 1, I took my grade 3 scientists on a “mini field trip” around the school, where their job was to record as many push and pull forces they saw around the school. Episode 2 was filmed and created with the help of my students while they were engaged in their Science Exploration Centres! They were eager to demonstrate the forces that they were exploring at their stations, including push/pull forces with toys, friction with a toy car experiment, and magnetism with a variety of strong and weak magnets.

It was a special experience being able to draw inspiration from something that inspired me so much as a student. I encourage future and fellow teacher candidates to find ways to incorporate their own passions into their lessons! When we teach with enthusiasm and passion, the students will follow our lead.

I would love to extend a special thanks to my Associate Teacher Danielle Gauthier and her class, as well as my Faculty Liaison Andrea Lawn for all of their support, encouragement, and enthusiasm.