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A Mature Student's Reflection on Choosing Queen's B.Ed.

By Chris Suppa​ 

  • Chris Suppa Poster Presentation

    Chris Suppa sharing a poster about his alternative practicum placement in Japan.

  • Chris Suppa in the classroom

    Chris Suppa in the Classroom.

  • Chris Suppa enjoying the Cherry Blossoms during his Alternative Practicum in Japan.

  • Chris Suppa Hike

    Chris Suppa enjoying the natural wonders around Kingston.

  • Chris Suppa in Japan

    Chris Suppa exploring Japan.

My name is Chris Suppa and I am a B.Ed Teacher Candidate in the Primary/Junior Divisions with a concentration in Educators Abroad. 

As a Mature Student, considering a return back to academia was quite challenging. I took an incredible amount of time to research and reflect before I made my decision. There were several things I had heard about Queen's that assisted me in this process. The first was the availability of international opportunities both through TORF (Teachers Oversea's Recruitment Fair), and the Alternative Practicum experience. Additionally, I had also heard about a great community at the Faculty of Education. 

After making the decision and moving out to Kingston I quickly found out that the B.Ed. Consecutive program is truly unique among the Teacher Education programs in Ontario. The community both at the student and faculty level are phenomenal. The opportunity to get to know both your instructors and most of your classmates makes time on campus incredibly enjoyable. I looked forward to coming to classes everyday. With the B.Ed. consecutive program running through summertime, I also had an opportunity to enjoy two summers in Kingston, which have been filled with activities, festivals and great climate. In planning my Alternative Practicum and my next steps after graduation, the career services staff has been invaluable in assisting myself and my teacher candidate colleagues. For my Alternative Practicum I was able to travel to Japan to experience the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme. In thinking about life after the Faculty of Education, staff in career services have been able to lend their wide educational knowledge and experience to provide incredible insight in both professional development and a wide array of domestic and international opportunities. 

As I move forward into my career as an educator, I look forward to be teaching as well as beginning graduate studies. I am excited to be able to continue my studies at Queen's in the Master of Education program next year, following which I can rest assured that there will be some exciting new opportunities available. 

Please feel free to check out my Twitter and see what I am up to @mistersuppa or check out my website.