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Heather Braund



Ph.D in Measurement, Assessment, Policy, Leadership, Evaluation (MAPLE)

Contact Information

Research Gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Heather_Braund

Twitter: @b_heather91


Dr. Christopher DeLuca

Research Interests

  • Relationship between metacognition, self-regulation, and teachers’ formative assessment practices
  • Effective feedback that can promote development of metacognitive thinking
  • Teacher knowledge and practical implementation of metacognition, self-regulation, and formative assessment
  • Use of think aloud protocols to better understand cognitive processes
  • Development of self-assessment skills
  • Re-conceptualization of assessment within post-graduate medical education


I am currently a full time doctoral student at the Faculty of Education. I graduated in 2014 with my Bachelor of Education from Queen's and am OCT certified to teach Primary and Junior students. I hold an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree from Trent University with joint majors in both Psychology and Biology. I have experience conducting quantitative research in breast cancer, aquatic biology, and emergency medicine eye-tracking labs. I gained experience with mixed-methods research through my SSHRC funded M.Ed study titled “Supporting Metacognitive Development in Early Science Education: Exploring Elementary Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices in Metacognition.” My SSHRC funded doctoral research is now focused on bridging kindergarten teachers’ classroom assessment practices with metacognitive development and self-regulated learning behaviours in kindergarten students. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!  

Recent Awards

  • SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship (4 years, Awarded in 2016)

  • Doctoral Tri-Agency Recipient Recognition Award (2016-2017)        

  • SSHRC CGS-M Award (2015/2016)

  • The Frank Wyatt MacLean Graduate Fellowship in Education (2014/2015)

  • Queen's Graduate Award (2014/2015)

Teaching and Related Activities (Since 2016)

Graduate Teaching Fellowship           Curriculum 383: Elementary Mathematics (Fall/Winter 2018-2019: 2 sections)

Graduate Teaching Fellowship           Prof 310-Self as Professional (Summer 2018)

Teaching Assistantship                        Prof 310-Self as Professional (2017-2018)

Teaching Assistantship                       Foundations of Assessment (2016, 2017)

Teaching Assistantship                        Psychological Foundations (2016)

Teaching Assistantship                        Curriculum 383: Elementary Mathematics (2015-2016)

Teaching Assistantship                        Prof 505: Meeting the Needs of All Learners (2016)

Research Initiatives

Research assistant for Dr. Kristy Timmons, Kindergarten curriculum and self-regulation project (2017-Present)

Research assistant for Dr. Rylan Egan, Office of Health Sciences Education (2016-Present)

Research assistant for Dr. Liying Cheng and Dr. Chris DeLuca, SSHRC Insight Project on Validity of Grading in China and Canada (2015-Present)

Dissemination of Research and Related Interests

Selected Publications:


White, M. R., Braund, H., Howes, D., Egan, R., Gegenfurtner, A., van Merrienboer, J., & Szulewski, A. (2018). Getting inside the expert’s head: An analysis of physician cognitive processes during trauma resuscitations. Annals of Emergency Medicine.


Braund, H., & DeLuca, C. (2018). Elementary students as active agents in their learning: An empirical study of the connections between assessment practices and student metacognition. Australian Educational Researcher: Special Issue on Student Agency in Classroom Assessment.


Forthcoming Publications

Cheng, L., DeLuca, C., Braund, H., & Yan, W. (In Press). Grading in Canada and China: A Comparative Study. Comparative and International Education.

Szulewski, A., Braund, H., Egan, R., Hall, A., Dagnone, D.,  Gegenfurtner, A., van Merrienboer, J. (In Press). In the eyes of the learner: Eye-tracking augmented debriefing in simulation. Journal of Graduate Medical Education.



Braund, H. (March, 2017) Exploring the dynamic relationship between metacognition and the curriculum: suggestions for integration and implementation. Graduate Student Symposium, Selected Papers Vol 11.

DeLuca, C., Braund, H., Valiquette, A., & Cheng, L. (2017). Grading Policies and Practices in Canada: A Landscape Study. Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy.

Selected Conference Presentations (Only 2018)
*Please note that presenters are underlined

Refereed Contributions


Bosica, J., Braund, H., MacGregor, S., Soleas, E., & Pyper, J. (May). Society’s diverse views on being a problem solver: What does this mean for student learning? Paper submitted to Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies at the 2018 meeting of the Canadian Society for the Study of Education, Regina, SK

Braund, H., & Soleas, E. (May). More than thinking about thinking: What are pre-service teachers’ experiences with integrating metacognition? Paper presentation submitted to the Canadian Association for Educational Psychology for the 2018 meeting of the Canadian Society for the Study of Education, Regina, SK.

Cheng, L., DeLuca, C., Braund, H., Yan, W. (May). A comparative study of teachers’ grading practices in Canadian and Chinese secondary schools. Paper presentation submitted to the Canadian Educational Researchers’ Association 2018 meeting of the Canadian Society for the Study of Education, Regina, SK.

Egan, R., Braund, H., Hall, A., Dagnone, D., & Szulewski, A. (Accepted). Examining the accuracy of Emergency Medicine residents’ self-assessments during their objective standardized clinical examinations. Paper presentation submitted to the International Conference on Residency Education in Halifax, NS

McEwen, L., Chamberlain, S., Dagnone, D., Rich, J., & Braund, H. (Accepted). Programmatic Assessment Practice-focused Guidelines: A knowledge translation tool to support competency-based assessment at Queen’s University. Round Table presentation submitted to The Association for Medical Education in Europe 2018 meeting in Basel, Switzerland. 

Soleas, E. & Braund, H. (May) Building metacognitive minds: Practices from teachers for teachers. Paper presentation submitted to the Canadian Association for Teacher Education 2018 meeting of the Canadian Society for the Study of Education, Regina, SK

Tomiak, A., Egan, R., Dalgarno, N., Braund, H., Emack, J., Reid, MA., & Hammad, N. (Accepted). Exploring how the new entrustable professional activity assessment tools affect the quality of feedback given to Medical Oncology residents. Round Table presentation submitted to The Association for Medical Education in Europe 2018 meeting in Basel, Switzerland.