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New local lending library in West Park Ribbon Cutting

Community based project by Queen's Faculty of Education Technological Department

On Wednesday April 25th at 6:30 pm a group of Queen's Faculty of Education Students along with local dignitaries will be unveiling a local lending library as part of their required course work and as a Community Based Project. The unveiling will include refreshments and child friendly activities as well as a few words from local officials.

Our project aims to bring communities together to share good reads or digital resources, such as music, movies, games, etc.. The overall goal is to foster a comforting sense of community through the shared resources. Our project targets West Park, Kingston.

Please join us on Wednesday April 25th, at 6:30 at 556 Citation Crescent, Kingston, ON. We invite any and all local community, university and Faculty of Education members to participate by joining us for refreshments, borrowing an item or donating to the project through future replenishment.

It takes a community to educate our future, and access to literacy and engaging in it is the key to success.

For more information on this project and how you can contribute please contact Vytas Ruslys.

  • Queen's Faculty of Education Students creating a local lending library
  • Tech. Ed. students crafted a local lending library community based project
  • Detail of the wood design by Tech. Ed. Students for a local lending library
  • Putting the pieces together for their local lending library