Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education
Faculty of Education

New Art Exhibition in The Studio Gallery (B144 McArthur Hall)

Art that Inspires

A Showcase of Art Created for Projects and Assignments

by artists in PJ Curriculum, FOCI and Graduate courses


February 4 – March 15

You are invited to view the exhibition Thursday, February 7, 5-6:30 pm

Pop by on your way to the B. Ed Musical, B101 at 7 pm!





  • Lalai Abbas
  • Anderson Albert
  • Ellie Aylward
  • Ryan Creelman
  • Sylvia Fanous
  • Renee Goodridge
  • Elishea Hayes
  • Ashley Hebert
  • Emily Langer
  • Kathryn Macfarlane
  • Pamela Mariano
  • Ainsley Matthews
  • Maddie Mcfadden
  • Miriam Michielin
  • Zach Muto
  • Erin Plummer
  • Liv Rondeau
  • Courtney Ruttan
  • Greg Smythe
  • Hayleah Sytnyk
  • Shanshan Tian
  • Haily Timmons
  • Kayla Tripp
  • Megan Tucker
  • Nikolaus Ulanicki
  • Carly Webb

Open Hours

12:00-1:30 Tuesday-Friday during B.Ed. on-campus weeks

and by appointment during practicum


Information solara@queensu.ca 


The Studio Gallery is located in B144, McArthur Hall, Queen’s Faculty of Education. 

Travel west on Student Street and turn right just before the Jean Royce Hall doors.