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Visiting Scholar Presentation by Karen Nairn

Faculty members and graduate students are invited to attend a visiting scholar presentation by Karen Nairn:

Children of Rogernomics: New Zealand’s neoliberal generation leaves school

1:30 - 3:00 pm
May 5​, 2016
Room A237
Duncan McArthur Hall

Karen NarinDr. Karen Nairn is an Associate Professor at Otago University, College of Education, in New Zealand. Her research portfolio is interdisciplinary with contributions to education, youth studies, qualitative research, and geography education. Her current research follows two trajectories (1) young adults collectively organising for social and political change, and (2) demystifying the process of writing for publication.

Abstract: New Zealand’s ‘neoliberal generation’ are those born since the introduction of neoliberal reforms in 1984. Young people from this generation were interviewed as they embarked on post-high school pathways and followed up a year later. Young people were employed as peer researchers and invited to create an ‘anti-CV’. The presentation focuses on methodology and key findings.