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The Knowledge Forum - Call For Abstracts

Teaching in Times of Transition

The Faculty of Education is excited to announce a call for abstracts for our third issue of The Knowledge Forum.
In this issue we are examining themes of teaching and learning in transition, and as COVID has turned our education system upside down, this topic seems all too pertinent. This third iteration of The Knowledge Forum is a space to explore how we change and adapt our approaches to education when daily life shifts, when norms change, and when we need to rethink our approaches to create welcoming, inclusive, spaces for students experiencing significant changes in their lives. Successful contributions will speak to a wide audience, as the publication is committed to addressing the public as a whole. This is a space to inspire conversations about education, and share ideas, strategies, and best practices from our faculty, students, and alumni across the globe. We purposefully, and hopefully, use the word forum; we want to ignite discourse, to hear a diversity of voices, to understand other perspectives.

We have decided to open up the submission to creative pieces such as poetry, painting, photography, and even musical compositions or video essays. There will of course be limitations to what can be shared in our print versions, but the possibilities are endless with what we can share online. 
Abstracts for papers of up to 150 words are due by June 29, 2020.  Creative submissions should be submitted in their entirety by June 29th with a description of up to 50 words describing their relation to the theme.
We welcome abstracts from alumni, graduate students, teachers, administrators, and policy makers – anyone who wants to share their teaching, research, stories, or ideas.
Contributors will be notified by the end of June if their abstract/creative submission has been accepted.  Papers/written creative submissions should be 750-1000 words in length (including all references). Accepted papers will be due in September 2020.  
Topics may include, but are, by no means, limited to: 

  • Teaching and learning during COVID
  • Creating spaces for difficult conversations
  • Teaching through anti-racist pedagogies
  • Newcomer education, programming, and support
  • Teaching English/French as additional languages
  • Education and learning during conflicts
  • Teaching in the climate crisis
  • Adult education/training in refugee communities b
  • Teaching, learning and support in refugee children
  • Teaching children with trauma
  • Migrant education and support
  • Teaching and supporting gender transitioning students
  • Education and support for at-risk youth 

Submit your abstract to: knowledgeforum@queensu.ca
Please note your affiliation with The Faculty of Education with your submission (alumni, student, instructor, etc).