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Don Klinger Participates in Research Project in Tanzania

Don KlingerThis fall, the Associate Dean Graduate Studies and Research, Dr. Don Klinger travelled to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania to be part of an exciting research project intended to strengthen the assessment skills for classroom teachers in the primary system. The research, Teachers as Agents of Change: Focus on early years’ classroom assessment is being sponsored by the Aga Khan Foundation.

The collaborative project includes a professional learning intervention for teachers modeled on the instructional rounds process. The project began in September 2015 and will continue until May 2017. During this time Dr. Klinger will travel to Tanzania twice to work with teachers, demonstrating and facilitating the instructional rounds process in classrooms in southern rural Tanzania. During both of these visits, he will travel to Dar es Salaam to work with the rest of the research team to develop an assessment handbook for other teachers that results from the research.

Dr. Klinger believes sharing knowledge, research, and experiences across borders will improve educational assessment processes for all students and teachers. As Dr. Klinger notes:

"Teachers across learning contexts truly benefit from embedded, research based opportunities for professional learning. We have already observed the benefits of this process for teachers in Ontario and working with the five members from the Tanzanian research team, I am confident we will be able to develop a similarly effective process for the Tanzanian context.”

Overall, the research team realizes the potential for this research to help Tanzanian teachers observe and experience the value of formative assessment practices to inform teaching and learning in their classrooms.

Projects and partnerships such as Dr. Klinger’s work highlight the growing internationalization of the Faculty of Education and the opportunities to share our expertise and research, teach, and learn around the world.

Don Klinger visits Dar es Salaam

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