Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education
Faculty of Education

Judy Wearing

PhD in Education

Major Field

Curriculum Studies


Dr. Ben Bolden

Research Interests

  • Critical and creative thinking, and communication: the so-called ‘global skills'
  • The application of evolutionary principles to curriculum theory
  • Nature of science education 
  • Narrative research 


It was sometime during my twenties, engaged in my first PhD studying the courtship roles of obscure, tiny insects, when I realized my passion lies in education. Since then, I have taught biology, curriculum development, and critical and creative thinking at university, designed educational websites, worked as director for not-for-profit educational organizations, head of product development for an educational publisher, and senior editor with The Critical Thinking Consortium. I have written over twenty nonfiction books for children and adults, numerous articles for national magazines, and developed hundreds of learning activities for agencies, museums, and publishers. My current research is focused on the intersection of creativity, pedagogy, and emotion. My fascination with human nature is currently being expressed in a book to be published by The University of Chicago Press, which details the importance of body hair and our discomforting relationship with it. My personal website can be found at www.judywearing.com.

Recent Activity

  • Curriculum in Keywords Faculty Writing Group, 2015-present. Initiated and co-lead writing project leading to publication of introductory curriculum textbook of same name
  • Strategic Planning Committee Member, Elected representative for the Education Graduate Student Society, 2016-
  • Online Graduate Programs Steering Committee, Invited representative, 2017-
  • Research Ethics Review Board, Appointed graduate student member, 2014-2016
  • Creativity Collective Initiator/Co-coordinator, speaker series, 2014- 
  • Science and curriculum consultant, Ruby Tuesday Books, Cornwall, England, 2015-present



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Christou, T. & Wearing, J. (2015). An interdisciplinary curriculum conversation about fear and learning, In Education, 21(1), 57-73.

Non-peer reviewed:

Taylor, P. & Wearing, J. (2016). Structure: An allegory. A two-person play written and performed at the Isabel Bader Centre, Kingston, ON, June, 2016; Faculty of Education PROF 505 Meeting the Needs of All Learners, July, 2016

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Wearing, J. (2009).  Edison’s Concrete Piano: Flying Tanks, 6-Nippled Sheep, Walk on Water Shoes and 12 Other Flops by Great Inventors. Toronto, On: ECW Press.

Conference presentations:

Wearing, J. (June, 2015). Creativity and learning in four metaphors. International Conference on Thinking, Bilbao, Spain.

Wearing, J. (June, 2015). The Big Six in Science. Poster presented at the International on Thinking, Bilbao, Spain.

Wearing, J. (May, 2015). Body hair, evolution, and curriculum theory. International Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies, Ottawa, ON.

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Wearing, J. (January, 2015). Tasting wild mushrooms: Creativity and learning. Interdisciplinary colloquy to understand creativity. Faculty of Music, University of Toronto, January 31.

Wearing, J. (June, 2014). Beyond Inquiry: Scientific Thinking. Canadian Society for the Study of Education, St. Catherine’s, ON.