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January Research

Researchers at the Queen’s Faculty of Education are producing exciting and innovative research. In this month’s issue learn about Dr. Rena Upitis’ latest book, new publications from various faculty members, and links to insightful media appearances. 

Articles, Books, and Chapters

This Too is Music (2nd ed.). NY: Oxford University Press

Dr. Rena Uptis 

This Too is Music guides and motivates teachers to foster playful and motivating classroom conditions that enable elementary students to thrive as musicians in every way – as singers, improvisers, critical listeners, storytellers, dancers, performers, and composers. Told through anecdotes and illustrated with musical examples, the book explores how all of these aspects of music making are intertwined, quelling any doubts teachers may have regarding their abilities to create an environment where children can improvise, dance, compose, and notate their musical offerings.

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Attrition, Retention, and Development of Early Career Teachers: Pan-Canadian Narratives

Dr. Benjamin Kutsyuruba, Keith Walker, Maha Al Makhamreh, & Rebecca Stroud Stasel

Based on the pan-Canadian research study of the differential impact of teacher induction and mentorship programs on early-career teachers’ retention, this article details early career teachers’ stories of their lived experiences during their first years of teaching and how they dealt with the requirements, expectations, and challenges.

Challenges, possibilities, and responsibilities: Sharing stories and critical questions for changing classrooms and academic institutions

Davis, L., Hare, J., Hiller, C., Morcom, L.A., & Taylor, L. Canadian Journal of Native Education 40(1), 1-13.

This article approaches reconciliation though the lens of Indigenous philosophy. First, we look at the Anishinaabemowin language to see what it teaches us about how to build community. Then, we examine reconciliation through the lens of the medicine wheel and the Seven Grandfather teachings.

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Comparative and International Education


Grading policies in Canada and China: a comparative study

Cheng, L., DeLuca, C., Braund, H., & Yan, W

This study examines grading policies across two educational contexts – Canada and China – to gain a nuanced understanding of how grades are constructed in these two systems where we see a large fast increase of Chinese students studying at Canadian tertiary institutions. This analysis of Ministry of Education documents indicates significant differences in policies that guide teacher constructed grades in Canada and China.


Insights into the challenges experienced by Chinese ESL learners

Deyu (Cindy) Xing & Dr. Benjamin Bolden

Utilizing a musically-enhanced narrative inquiry involving arts-informed interviews with Chinese ESL university students with limited oral English capacity, we explored their academic acculturation experiences in Canada in-depth. In this article, we share participants’ art pieces and one researcher musical composition to provide a vivid representation of our participants’ experiences.

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Media & Presentations

Dr. Lee Airton 

Gender Your Guide

Conceptualizing Self-Reg in Early Care and Education

Dr. Kristy Timmons, Marie Poss, & Loraine Purgret

Podcast on Voice Ed Radio: Self-Reg: Science that Resonates. Listen in to explore how the work of Timmons, Poss, & Purgret is influenced and informed by a Self-Reg lens. In this episode, we explore definitions of self-regulation, the concept of play in early childhood education, and the role of adults in the lives of young children.

Self Reg: Science that resonates

Children’s Rights and the Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI’s) Love Me, Teach Me Campaign

Dr. Kristy Timmons & Dr. Aurelia Di Santo

The aim of this brief is to raise educators’ awareness of children’s rights as they relate to the four cornerstones of ACEI’s Love Me, Teach Me campaign. We hope that educators will use this brief to reflect upon the rights of children and consider how, as educators, they can support those rights, both in school and through the child’s experience in surrounding community life.