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International Visitors

The Faculty of Education at Queen’s University welcomes international visitors to join our diverse environment of teaching and learning. We value the varied experiences and perspectives that international visitors bring to our Faculty, and the opportunities they provide for exchanging of ideas and research, and for creating international collaborations.

In order to help us determine if we are able to host your visit, please review the information provided below under the three categories of international visitors.

Contact: For inquiries and questions about international visits to our Faculty, please contact Nadya Allen, Manager, International and Marketing.

    Visiting Research Students (VRS)

    Visiting Research Student: a student who is registered in a graduate level program at a home university and wants to register at Queen's for non-degree study to join a research group. Upon the recommendation of a research supervisor and the Graduate Department/Program, such a student can be accepted by the School of Graduate Studies as a Visiting Research Student at Queen's University for a period up to one year.

    To come to the Faculty of Education as a VRS, please contact your potential supervisor at Queen’s directly. The following items are required for the approval review of your request:

    • a cover letter, outlining dates of the intended visit and the goal of the visit, including a description of the collaborative research that will involve the supervisor and the student
    • courses of interest (School of Graduate Studies calendar)
    • a completed CV
    • a copy of a transcript

    The VRS request is forwarded for review to the Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research, and the Manager, Academic and International Operations. The Manager will inform the supervisor of the final decision. If the approval is received, then Manager will coordinate the registration process.

    Note: If you don’t have a potential supervisor to host you at the Faculty of Education, then you must identify a potential supervisor from the list of our faculty members by contacting them directly to discuss your visit.

    Visiting International Scholars

    Visiting International Scholar: a faculty member (a professor) at a university who has been invited by a faculty member at the Faculty of Education at Queen’s University to visit the Faculty for the purposes of joint collaboration and research.

    To come to the Faculty of Education as a visiting international scholar, please submit the following information to your hosting faculty member at the Faculty:

    • the purpose of the visit (i.e. research project)
    • the length of the visit
    • funding arrangements
    • an up-to-date copy of your CV

    The above information will be needed to obtain the necessary internal approvals to bring a visitor to the Queen's campus and to write the letter of invitation which is required to gain entry to Canada.

    For information on the available categories of visitors and entry to Canada requirements, please refer to the Queen’s University International Visitors website.

    The faculty member hosting you at our Faculty will work with the Manager, International and Marketing, to receive the necessary approvals and to prepare any required documents.

    Repeat visits: Our Faculty welcomes visiting international scholars and encourages international research collaborations. To allow our faculty members to have an opportunity to host visitors and to diversify their research work, repeat visits from the same visiting scholars are permitted once every three years (if there is no agreement signed between the universities/faculties).

    Other International Visitors

    The Faculty of Education welcomes visits from international institution and partner visitors. We work closely with the Office of the Associate Vice-Principal (International) to coordinate visits to Queen’s University.

    To plan your visit to our Faculty, please contact Nadya Allen, our Manager, International and Marketing.

    Guangdong Delegation - Spring 2016
    Guangdong Delegation, Spring 2016

    Profiles of Our International Visiting Research Students and Scholars  
    • Natalia Asenjo (2018-19). Visiting Research student from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, under Dr. Tom Russell’s supervision.
    • Tao Xiong (2017-18). Associate Professor from Guangdong Foreign Studies University. Supported by China Scholarship Council (CSC)
    • Grazia (Grace) Scoppio (2017-18). Associate Professor from Royal Military College of Canada
    • Eloisa Neri de Oliveira (Spring/Summer 2017), Graduate Student, University of São Paulo
    • Jian Xu (Winter 2017), Doctoral Candidate, Chinese University of Hong Kong
    • Muhammad Yaqoob (Winter 2017) Doctoral Candidate, Northern University Nowshera, Pakistan
    • Weiqiang Wang (Spring/Summer 2016), Associate Professor at the School of English for International Business, Guandong University of Foreign Languages 
    • ​Hongling Li (Fall-Winter, 2015-2016) Lecturer, Chongqing University
    • Manxia Dong (Fall 2015), Doctoral Candidate, Shanghai International Studies University
    • Luna Yang (Fall 2015), Doctoral Candidate, Beijing Normal University
    • Flávia Juliana de Sousa Avelar (Fall 2014), Doctoral Candidate, Unicamp in Campinas São Paulo, Brizil Canada-Brazil Awards - Joint Research Projects