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  • student art, galaxy in purple, and dog in a galaxy painting

    "Art that Inspires" is an exhibition of artifacts of teaching and learning which are also works of art. The works are submitted by our students and their instructors. 

  • banner with smiling unicorn that reads gegi.ca

    Want to create a welcoming school community? Gegi provides Ontario K-12 students with the tools to advocate for their right to live or express gender in their way at school without being told they have to change. 

  • 3 paintings done by students, person by the water, person surrounded by colours, and large colourful collage

    Through music, visual art, poetry and dramatic performance, the Artist in Community Education Program class of 2021 share who they are and what they have learned.

  • 2020 a Year in Review banner

    Our 2020 Year-in-Review celebrates the many accomplishments of our alumni, faculty, staff, and students as we rose to the occasion and supported each other through all the challenges and opportunities presented by the year that was 2020.

  • Indigenous and 2SLGBTQ+ flags in Duncan McArthur Hall building

    Our 2019 - 2020 Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee report shares the work accomplished during the inaugural year of the committee and lays out our priorities for the future.

Episode 18: DR.ABC

Dr. Andrew Campbell (DR.ABC) joins us to discuss diversity in the online classroom, intentionality with your actions as a teacher, and how to make a difference in the fight against anti-black racism. Dr. Campbell is also the first speaker at our Knowledge Forum Fall Series this November.

Episode 18: DR.ABC

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Student Experiences

ITEP Gave me an Environment Where I Felt Safe, Cared for, and Supported.

Student Experiences: Liv Rondeau

The Indigenous Teacher Education Program (ITEP) at Queen’s University Faculty of Education is more than a program, it is a community. It is a community where you can feel comfortable to express your identity and be proud of who you are.

From EA to Teacher After 15 years. This is Glenda’s Story

Student Experiences: Glenda Pinault

Glenda Pinault is not a crier, despite photographic evidence to the contrary. The recent B.Ed. graduate insists that the moment, captured so beautifully, was uncharacteristic. However, in telling the story of how she came to be on that stage, a theme of tears quietly emerges.

B.Ed. Student Changes The World One Beeswax Wrap at Time

ConEd Student Helps Kids Feel the Music

Megan Tucker shares her amazing alt-prac experience in Uganda; inspired by this, she decided to continue giving back by creating Meg's Beeswax Wraps. Now, she’s able to support the environment and her adopted community at the same time.

A Teacher Candidate's Virtual International Alternative Practicum

teacher candidate experiences virtual practicum

Teacher candidate, Jenny Cui, was only days away from beginning her alternative practicum in Norway when COVID-19 caused the placement to be cancelled. She was able to pursue a remote placement instead, and was still able to learn valuable lessons from Norwegian curriculum.