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Nancy Hutchinson Receives Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Supervision

Nancy Hutchinson

Dr. Nancy Hutchinson has received the 2014 School of Graduate Studies Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Supervision, which will be presented to her at Fall Convocation.

The award recognizes outstanding supervisors who demonstrate excellence in advising, monitoring and mentoring graduate students through their training. Excellence is judged on the quality of supervision and mentorship in facilitating the acquisition of skills and resources needed for the student to succeed as scholars and professionals. Characteristics include availability, timeliness and quality of guidance and feedback, responsiveness to student needs, and enthusiasm for the pursuit of knowledge. In addition the supervisor must promote timely completion of the thesis and encourage the career development of the student through the provision of leadership and support in academic matters such as publishing, presenting, applying for funding. Preference is given to faculty members who have displayed sustained mentorship activity over many years.

Kyle Robinson explained why he was one of the graduate students who nominated Dr. Hutchinson for the award:

“Nancy is an amazing supervisor who constantly strives to bring the best out of her students. She has an enthusiasm for the pursuit for knowledge, and is always available to help out a student in need. Her quality of feedback on any work is absolutely astounding, and she guides students through their program, helping them to make the most out of each and every experience.”

Clearly, mentoring and supervising graduate students is something Dr. Hutchinson is passionate about.  She stated:

“I am honoured to work with such fine graduate students and humbled that they nominated me. Working with graduate students has definitely been a highlight of my work at Queen’s over the past almost-three decades.”

Congratulations and thanks to Dr. Hutchinson for her outstanding supervision of graduate students at our Faculty!