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Faculty of Education
Faculty of Education
Hasan Kettaneh, PhD in Education

Hasan Kettaneh

PhD in Education

Research Area

Measurement, Assessment, Policy, Leadership, and Evaluation (MAPLE)


Dr. Lynda Colgan


In Hasan's dissertation, titled “A Curriculum History of Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) in Canada,” Hasan is employing a Longue Durée approach to examine curricular change in PGME in order to learn from previous reforms, understand the current changes, and shape the future of PGME curricula. In addition to his B.Sc. degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and MEd. in Educational Policy and Leadership, Hasan gained his Surgical, Programming, and Rehabilitation professional training form Cochlear Academy in Belgium. Hasan also worked for more than 15 years in international trade in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, healthcare quality improvement, and health professions education.

Research Interests

  • Competency-based education
  • Health professions education
  • Educational change and reform
  • Organizational policy and leadership
  • Curriculum theory, development, and change
  • Internationalization/Glocalization and Higher Education


Twitter: @HasanKettaneh

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/hasan-kettaneh-0b587112