Master of Education Dual Degree

Our Dual Master of Education Degree Program offers a unique international experience to our graduate students with a focus on English language teaching and research. This program is in partnership with the School of Foreign Studies at South China Normal University (SCNU), located in Guangzhou, China.

Through this program, students will have a chance to engage in a meaningful international education experience at home and abroad with diverse research, teaching and learning opportunities.

Within three years of the Dual MEd Degree program, students will receive a MEd degree from Queen’s and a MEd degree from SCNU.

Applications for Fall 2022 Now Open!

Application for the Dual MEd degree for Queen’s students is completed as part of their general application for admission to our Master of Education program. If you are already accepted into our MEd program, please contact Erin Rennie, Manager of Graduate Studies and Research.

For citizens of the Republic of China: Applications must be made through the South China Normal University.

Program Structure

Year 1: Coursework at home university (Queen’s students study at Queen’s)

Year 2: Coursework at host university (Queen’s students study at SCNU)

Year 3: Internship and thesis completion at the institution of your choice

The Dual MEd Degree offers a number of advantages to Queen’s and SCNU’s students, including time efficiency, benefits to scholarship through the exposure to international education, and additional career opportunities. The dual degree consists of a total of 55 credit units for Queen’s students, with several courses, including the internship and thesis, counting toward the degree requirements at both institutions. If students were to complete both degrees consecutively, it would take them up to 5 years.

MEd degree will give you an advantage in your future at home and internationally. You would bring with you the international experience and the international expertise gained from this program.

Learn about SCNU

South China Normal University was founded in 1933 and it is now one of the three top teacher education universities in China and the Guangdong Province. SCNU has approximately 25,000 undergraduates, over 7,000 postgraduates and almost 800 doctoral candidates. SCNU, like Queen’s, is a comprehensive university, consisting of diverse branches of learning, such as education, economics, law, literature, philosophy, history, science, engineering, and business management. SCNU is especially strong in Teacher Education, Pedagogy, and Psychology.