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February Research

Researchers at the Queen’s Faculty of Education are producing exciting and innovative research. In this month’s issue learn about new publications from various faculty members, and links to insightful media appearances. 

Articles, Books, and Chapters

The Role of School Administrators in Providing Early Career Teachers’ Support: A Pan-Canadian Perspective  

International Journal of Education Policy & Leadership

Drs. Keith Walker & Benjamin Kutsyuruba

This article is based on an extensive mixed-methods pan-Canadian study that examined the differential impact of teacher induction and mentorship programs on the retention of early career teachers (ECTs). It discusses findings from an analysis of publicly available pan-Canadian documents detailing the mandated roles, duties, and responsibilities of school administrators in teacher induction and mentorship.

Music Education Meets Critical Literacy: A Framework for Guiding Music Listening

Music Educators Journal

Drs. Pamela Beach & Benjamin Bolden

This article presents an approach to music listening that creates spaces for critical literacy. Through critical literacy listening, students can learn to recognize explicit and implicit messages presented in musical selections and construct new understandings that allow them to enter into a dialogue with the musical text.

How to hit a moving target: Thirty-five years of gender and sexual diversity in teacher education

Teaching and Teacher Education (Advanced online publication, February 2019)

Dr. Lee Airton & Austen Koecher

This paper shares findings from an exhaustive review of the teacher education scholarship on gender and sexual diversity pedagogical, curricular and other integration into teacher education programs since 1982. It is the first review of its kind.

Chapters by Dr. Maria J. Meyers

Myers, M. J. (2018). LSPs as instruments for intercultural communication. International Reference Handbook (pp. 45-70). Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter, Mouton.

Myers, M. J. (2018). LSPs as instruments for science communication. International Reference Handbook (pp. 406-433). Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter, Mouton.

Myers, M. J. (2018). Moyens et procédés psychologiques: adaptation socio-pragmatique et recours à l'image. Entendre, chanter, voir et se mouvoir: réflexions sur les supports utilisés dans la classe de langue (pp. 93-105). Paris: Éditions des Archives Contemporaines (Gordon & Breach). Taylor and Francis Group.


Media & Presentations

This month in The Conversation 

Dr. Lee Airton 

  • Interview with CBC Radio 1’s Here and Now Jan 25th, 2019 Capstone interview to Here and Now's week-long series on the emerging culture of gender-neutral businesses and services in Toronto
  • Considering gender diversity in public communications in/on/about education, Presentation to the Ontario chapter of the Canadian Association of Communicators in Education on January 23rd, 2019. This talk looked at how school and school board communications can integrate gender diversity in their form and function, to serve two ends: letting transgender-spectrum people know they are expected, thought of and therefore welcome in these spaces, and cueing the general public to wonder and ask questions about gender diversity
  • Welcoming gender diversity in Limestone: Applying insights from educational researchPresentation to Limestone District School Board’s Program Committee on February 4th, 2019.This talk examined the big questions emanating from research that currently faces educational practice and policy on gender diversity, which includes but is not limited to supporting transgender students. 

Dr. Kristy Timmons