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Faculty of Education

FacultyShare Presentation by Amanda Cooper

Mobilize This! Making Research Matter

3:00 pm, Thursday, April 23
Vernon Ready Room (A115)
Duncan McArthur Hall

Dr. Amanda Cooper is Assistant Professor of Educational Policy and Leadership.

Dr. Amanda CooperThere is a new and awesome field trying to make research matter more in society – efforts called knowledge mobilization (KMb) in education and knowledge translation (KT) in health.  What is cool about KMb is it tries to get a lot of different people working together (researchers, policymakers, practitioners and community members) in order to solve really challenging societal problems.  My presentation will provide an overview of the state of KMb in relation to three questions:  How much KMb are researchers actually engaged in?  Do educational practitioners even care about or use academic research?  What are intermediary organizations doing to help bridge the gap between academics and principals and teachers in schools?  Last, but certainly not least, I will talk about new job opportunities arising from the global focus on KMb.  Currently, the demand for KMb/KT positions is larger than the supply of professionals with the skills needed for these positions.  So if you want to learn more about a new and exciting field – don’t miss it!