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Faculty of Education
Faculty of Education

FacultyShare Presentation by Theodore Christou

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Thursday, January 30, 2014
3:30 - 4:30 pm​
Vernon Ready Room (A115)
Duncan McArthur Hall

Ted ChristouDr. Theodore Christou is Assistant Professor of Social Studies. 

The paper to be shared at the FacultyShare explores my search for Byzantium. This search began in Fredericton, New Brunswick and led me to the archives of the Patriarch of Constantinople in Istanbul, to the monastic communities upon Mount Athos, to the Patriarchal Institute in Thessaloniki, to Athens, to the Vatican Library and Archives, to Venice, and to Florence. Outside of our history of education textbooks and despite our general omission of a context spanning continents and an entire millennium in our North American depictions of the history of educational ideas, Byzantium is relevant.  I found that it is alive and breathing. The paper shall explore its relevance to my own search for meaning in and through history, philosophy, and story.