Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education
Faculty of Education

Technological Education Expo

Class of 2014

Tuesday, April 29th
11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Student Street, Duncan McArthur Hall

Showcasing community-based projects completed by this year's Technological Education students as well as project-based learning artifacts, portfolios and curriculum items.

Tech-ed students working in the woodshop.

Healthy food project samples will be available with proceeds going to community partners.

Use the tools of the trade in Project-based Learning - come out and experience Tech Ed! Visitors will also have a chance to use some basic shop equipment on site and experience Project-based, hands-on learning.

Community-based projects, which are an important part of the Technological Education Program curriculum, are organized by teacher candidates to meet community needs. As Ena Holtermann, Faculty of Education instructor explains, "Teacher candidates offer their technological expertise, as well as their boundless ideas, energy and enthusiasm, to residents, secondary school students, and community partners in the creation of community-based projects. These projects engage Technological Education teacher candidates in their own learning, and allow them to learn in context and according to their different interests and abilities." As lasting relationships between teacher candidates, students, and community partners are developed through these projects, the Technological Education program promotes the involvement of future teachers in civil society and reduces the gap between school communities and the community at-large.

A student working in the woodshop with an electric drill.

Some Technological Education Community-based projects include:

  • A Renewable Energy Powered Lathe: For students of the Alpha Education Centre in the Dominican Republic this project provides the education and training for students to create their own recreational equipment, tools & educational items.
  • A Family Wellness Project: Developed for a young family who's eight year old son is battling cancer.
  • An Ergonomic Mail Cart: This cart, made from reclaimed/recycled materials, will offer more independence and workplace accessibility for a community member.
  • A Culinary Partnership Product: Developed in partnership with the Wakefield Grannies in support of the East Bank Clinic, South Africa.
  • A Mechanical Chicken Plucker: Intended to help the fast growing permacultures and organic farmers in Perth and Smith Falls area.
  • A Custom Work Table: Intended for use in the after school program at the Kingston branch of the Boys & Girls Club.
  • Tail Gate Bench: In collaboration with CHEO/Candle Lighters, this sculpted bench made from reclaimed automotive parts when raffled will provide much needed funds for families of children with pediatric illnesses.

Students working at a work table in the auto shop.