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CSSE 2021 Conference

Join us at the 2021 CSSE Conference, held remotely.

Many of our faculty and graduate students will be presenting their research at this conference. See the details below, follow us on Twitter and share your photos and posts by tagging @QueensEduc. 

CSSE 2021 is hosted from May 29 to June 3. For more information about the CSSE 2021 Conference visit: csse-scee.ca/conference-2021/

2021 Queen's Events

All times below are in EST. 

Sunday, May 30
11:15 am – 12:15 pm

Mental Health: Post-Secondary

Description: Taking an Inventory of Thriving: What you can do to stock graduate and professional students' shelves?
Presenters: Eleftherios Soleas (Queen's), Heather Coe-Nesbitt (Queen's), Anoushka Moucessian, Nadia Arghash (Queen's)

Design Thinking

Description: 'You had me at design thinking': Pre- and in-service teacher experiences in a professional learning community for instructional design
Presenters: Michael Holden (Queen's), Amy Burns (Calgary), Angus Docherty (Calgary), Jonah Secreti (Calgary), Shirley Pepper (Calgary), Dave Morris (Rocky View School Division)

Sunday, May 30
12:30 – 1:45 pm

Mental Health Supports

Description: School Counsellor's Role in Fostering Belongingness for Suicide-Vulnerable Students
Presenter: Matt Drabenstott (Queen's)

Global, Cross-Cultural, and International Education

Description: Hungry Hopes: Stories of Sojourning Educators' Acculturation Challenges and Growth
Presenter: Rebecca Stroud Stasel (Queen's)

The Compassionate Educator: Social Issues and Ethics of Care in Canadian Schools

Presenters: Allyson Jule (Trinity Western), Alana Butler (Queen's), Joanna Black (Manitoba), Pam Bishop (Western), Doug Checkly (Lethbridge), Helal Dhali (McGill), Wanda Cassidy (Simon Fraser), Kumari Beck (Simon Fraser), David Young (St. Francis Xavier), Leigh Potvin (Cape Breton)

Confronting Privilege in Internationalization of Higher Education during COVID-19: What have we learned?

Presenters: Crain Soudier (Human Sciences Research Council, South Africa), Christina W. Yao (South Carolina), Thashika Pillay (Queen’s)

Monday, May 31
11:15 am – 12:15 pm


Description: Tricks of the Trade: How Innovators Mitigate the Costs of Innovating
Presenter: Eleftherios Soleas (Queen's)

Description: What Helped Me Innovate: Identified Motivation Factors from Canadian Innovators' Education Experiences
Presenters: Benjamin Bolden (Queen's), Eleftherios Soleas (Queen's)

Monday, May 31
12:30 – 1:45 pm

CCGSE Roundtables: International Education

Description: Student and School-level Variables Predicting Student Perception of Teacher Unfairness: A Hierarchical Linear Modeling Approach
Presenter: Amirhossein Rasooli (Queen's), Amin Mousavi (Saskatchewan)

CCGSE Roundtables: Mathematical and Computational Thinking

Description: The Integration of Inquiry-Based Learning and Indigenous Pedagogy in a Non-Indigenous Teacher's Secondary Mathematics Class
Presenters: Terrence LY (Queen's), Dawei Yang (Queen's)

CCGSE Roundtables: Professional Learning

Description: Examining How Teachers Support the Social and Academic Needs of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Play-Based Kindergarten Classrooms
Presenter: Taylor Wormington (Queen's)

CCGSE Roundtables: Transformative Leadership

Description: Morals Ethics and Transformative Leadership
Presenter: Sheila McWatters (Queen's)

CCGSE Roundtables: Understanding Curriculum

Description: Understanding Kindergarten Educators' Beliefs and Operationalization of Self-Regulation
Presenter: Elizabeth Sharp (Queen's)

CCGSE Posters 

Description: Supporting the School Transitions of Military-Connected Adolescents: Phase One Protocol
Presenters: Shannon Hill (Queen's), Kari Fletcher (St. Thomas), Alla Skomorovsky (Director General Military Personnel Research and Analysis), Heidi Cramm (Queen's)

Preparing Teacher as Curriculum Designers

Presenters: Jodi Nickel (Mount Royal), Michele Jacobsen (Calgary), Sandra Becker (Calgary), Glenda Black (Nipissing), Kathy Broad (Toronto), Mary Jane Harkins (MSVU), Michael Holden (Queen's), Michael Link (Winnipeg), Sheryl MacMath (Fraser Valley), Smith Cathryn (Brandon), Jennifer Straub (Laurentian), Maria Cantalini-Williams (Laurier), Nancy Maynes (Nipissing)

Monday, May 31
4:30 – 5:30 pm

Learning through belonging, accountability, and action: Social Healing and Reconciliatory Education

Presenters: Clarissa de Leon (Queen's), Lindsay Morcom (Queen's), Jennifer Davis (Queen's), Alice Johnston (Queen's), Jackson Pind (Queen's), Kim Debassige (Queen's), Liv Rondeau (Queen's)

Tuesday, June 1
11:15 am – 12:15 pm

Living, Learning, and Knowing

Description: 'On Right Learning and Right Living': Religion and Schooling in Fourth Century Rome
Presenters: Theodore Christou (Queen's)

Living, Learning, and Knowing

Description: Identity and Belonging in a Sistema-Inspired Music Education Program
Presenters: Alana Butler (Queen's), Benjamin Bolden (Queen's), Rebecca Stroud Stasel (Queen's), Yaara Docrat (Queen's)

Assessment in Literacy

Description: Supporting Students through a High-Stakes Literacy Test: A Review of the Research
Presenters: Alexandra Minuk (Queen's), Clarissa de Leon (Queen's), Jen McConnel (Longwood), Claire Ahn (Queen's), Jane Chin (Queen's), Rebecca Luce-Kapler (Queen's)

Tuesday, June 1
12:30 – 1:45 pm

SERG Posters

Description: Perspectives of Five International Experts on Gender Equity in Physics Education
Presenters: Lindsay Mainhood (Queen's)


Description: A transcendental phenomenological study exploring the experiences of students with academic accommodations while navigate online learning during COVID 19
Presenters: Christina Luzius-Vanin (McMaster), Dawei Yang (Queen's)

Tuesday, June 1
3 – 4:15 pm

Urgent Call: History and Social Studies Teachers for Climate Change Education

Presenters: Heather McGregor (Queen's), Cathryn van Kessel (Alberta), Sara Karn (Queen's), Jackson Pind (Queen's)

Early Years Education Amidst a Pandemic: What we've learned from Ontario's 'Learn at Home' Initiative

Presenters: Emma Bozek (Queen's), Heather Braund (Queen's), Kristy Timmons (Queen's), Amanda Cooper (Queen's)

Policy Implications for Gender and Sexuality in Education

Description: Toby goes to Catholic school: Ontario Catholic school boards and the Toby's Act inclusion of gender expression and gender identity in provincial human rights law
Presenters: Jacob DesRochers (Queen's), Lee Airton (Queen's), Kyle Kirkup (Ottawa), Linsday Herriot (Victoria)

Tuesday, June 1
4:30 – 5:30 pm


Description: The (re-)emergence of gender diversity and the challenge for teacher education
Presenter: Lee Airton (Queen's)

Wednesday, June 2
11:15 am – 12:15 pm

Educational technology and teacher education

Description: Exploring teachers' assessment identity through educational technology
Presenter: Katrina Carbone (Queen's)

Online Learning and Teaching

Chair/Prés.: Stephen MacGregor (Queen's) Disc.: Kelley Gallagher-Mackay (Laurier)
Description: Meeting Challenges in the COVID-19 and Beyond: Teachers' Responses to the Pandemic Outbreak
Presenter: Pei-Ying Lin (Saskatchewan)

Intercultural education as pedagogy, praxis and policy

Description: Who am I, anyway? Educators Sojourning Abroad Unpack their Identities, Between-Culture Living, and Privilege
Presenter: Rebecca Stroud Stasel (Queen's)

Lessons from refugee high school learners' experiences during COVID-19: The role of community partnerships in institutionalizing equity in educational policies and processes

Presenters: Thashika Pillay (Queen's), Setareh Ghahari (Queen's), Shobhana Xavier (Queen's), Halima Wali (Queen's), Muhammad Sani (Kingston Immigration Partnership), Suchetan James (Limestone District School Board)

Dialogic and Shared Reading Experiences

Description: A Parent-Implemented Reading Intervention for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Presenters: Dawei Yang (Queen's), Maria Shaikh (Queen's)

Dialogic and Shared Reading Experiences

Description: Political Imagination in Science Fiction: English Language Learner's Dialogic Construction within the Multimodal Classroom
Presenter: Shuyuan Liu (Queen's)

Wednesday, June 2
3:00 – 4:15 pm

Microaggressions in Schools

Description: Canadian Perspectives on Microaggressions in Schools: Understanding and Combatting Covert Violence
Presenters: Julie K. Corkett (Nipissing), Christine Cho (Nipissing), Alana Butler (Queen's), Zuhra Abawi (Niagara), Jay McKechnie (Qikiqtani School Operations), Corinne Barrett DeWiele (Saint-Boniface), Darcia Roache (Saskatchewan), Stanley Thomson (MacEwan), Jason Marshall (West Indies), Steven Noble (Yorkville)

Map Making and Indigenous History Education: Supporting Reconciliatory Education by Visualizing Canada's Indian Day Schools

Presenters: Theodore Christou (Queen's), Jackson Pind (Queen's), Benjamin Farmer Lacombe (Queen's), Kyle Cummings-Bentley (Queen's)

Research Methods

Description: A Narrative Inquiry into Teaching Research and Evaluation through an Experiential Case Study Approach
Presenters: Rebecca Stroud Stasel (Queen's), Katrina Carbone (Queen's), Paisley Worthington (Queen's), Jennifer Hughes (Queen's), Michelle Searle (Queen's)

Research Methods

Description: Considerations for Employing Mixed Methods Approaches in Developmental Evaluation
Presenters: Stephen MacGregor (Queen's), Amanda Cooper (Queen's)

Interrogating Gender in Educational Spaces

Description: Toward proactive support for transgender and/or gender non-conforming teacher candidates: Initial findings of an action research study
Presenters: Lee Airton (Queen's), Michelle Searle (Queen's), Kel Martin (Queen's), Sofia Melendez (Queen's), Natalie Lefebvre (Queen's), Tristan Lewis

Wednesday, June 2
4:30 – 5:30 pm

Planning and Education

Description: Postgraduate Medical Education in Canada: Examining the History of Curricular Changes between 1990 and 2020
Presenter: Hasan Kettaneh (Queen's)

Leading During the Pandemic

Description: Adaptive Leadership: Stories from 4 International School Leaders during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Presenter: Rebecca Stroud Stasel (Queen's)

Classroom Assessment

Description: Developing a Model for Assessing Core Competences in Classroom Reading Activity
Presenter: Jia Guo (Queen's)

Classroom Assessment

Description: Understanding School Pricipals' Conceptions of Assessment and Grading Practices
Presenters: Liying Cheng (Queen's), David Baidoo-Anu (Queen's), Christopher DeLuca (Queen's)

Classroom Assessment

Description: Preparing Teachers for Classroom Assessment in the Middle East and North Africa: A Sociocultural Perspective
Presenters: Tahereh Firoozi (Alberta), Christopher DeLuca (Queen's)

Self-directed online learning

Description: Using Time-Sampling to Analyze and Understand Teachers' Self-Directed Online Learning: A Case Study
Chair: Elena Favret (Queen's) Presenters: Alexandra Minuk (Queen's), Pamela Beach (Queen's), Elena Favret (Queen's)

Self-directed online learning

Description: A Case Study of a Teacher's Thought Processes during Self-Directed Online Learning: The Benefits and Challenges of the Virtual Revisit Think Aloud
Chair: Elena Favret (Queen's), Pamela Beach (Queen's), Alexandra Minuk (Queen's)

Thursday, June 3
11:15 am – 12:15 pm

Pedagogy Research Using Art-Based Methodologies

Description: Using the Arts to Foster Emotional Self-Regulation for Junior-Intermediate Students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): A Multiple Case Study
Presenter: Yaara Docrat (Queen's)

Parental Advocacy and Adjustment

Description: Examining longitudinal bidirectional effects between child adjustment and parent adjustment across socioeconomic contexts
Presenter: Kristina Silver (Queen's)

Of Fragmentation and Reconciliation: Exploring Identity and Indigeneity inside a Colonized Mind

Description: Examining longitudinal bidirectional effects between child adjustment and parent adjustment across socioeconomic contexts
Presenter: Rebecca Stroud Stasel (Queen's)

Critical race theory and privilege as lenses in teacher education research

Description: Learning to Teach While Muslim: Theorizing Islamophobia
Presenter: Hassina Alizai (Queen's)

Teacher Education and Practice

Description: Teacher Candidates' Approaches to Grading and Assessment Conceptions: An Empirical Study for Responsive Teacher Education
Presenter: Amirhossein Rasooli (Queen's), Christopher DeLuca (Queen's), Liying Cheng (Queen's)

Thursday, June 3
12:30 – 1:45 pm

CACS Roundtables: Social Justice

Description: When Responsibility Entered the Room: Interrogating the Silence in Christians' Life Narratives
Presenter: Jacob DesRochers (Queen's)

CAEP Roundtables: Inclusion: Voices of secondary students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Presenters: Maria Shaikh (Queen's), Dawei Yang (Queen's), Uzma Danish (York)

CAEP Roundtables: Generalist Teachers Using the Arts as a Pedagogical Tool to Support Students with Exceptionalities in Inclusive Educational Settings

Presenter: Yaara Docrat (Queen's)

CCPA Roundtables: The Experiences that inspire an Educator to be an Environmentalist

Presenter: Megan Tucker (Queen's)

CAEP Posters

Description: Be Kind to Yourself: The Relationship between Self-Compassion, Self Concept and Self-Regulated Learning in University Students with and without Learning Disabilities and/or ADHD
Presenter: Sunaira Tejpar (Queen's)
Description: Cognitive Underpinnings of Students' Calculation Fluency
Presenter: Derek Berg (Queen's), Ian Matheson (Queen's), Pamela McDonald (Queen's)

Decolonizing the Academy: Indigenizing Post-Secondary Institutions Seven Generations in the Future

Presenter: Elizabeth Brule (Queen's)

Challenging the neoliberal structures of international student recruitment in Canadian higher education

Description: International recruitment in Canadian higher education: Factors influencing students' perceptions and experiences with education agents
Presenter: Han Xu (Queen's), Tess Miller (UPEI)

Thursday, June 3
3 – 4:15 pm

Student Engagement

Description: Unlocking the Potential of STEAM Education: Investigating Elementary Teachers' Assessment Practices in Integrated Classrooms
Presenter: Nathan Rickey (Queen's), Michelle Dubek (OISE-UT), Christopher DeLuca (Queen's)

Research Methods II

Description: The Ethics of Institutional Analysis: Paternalism and proprietary access to U15 faculty
Chair: Stephen MacGregor (Queen's) Disc: Stefan Merchant (Queen's) Presenter: Sandra Kouritzin (Manitoba), Taylor Ellis (Manitoba), Satoru Nakagawa (Manitoba; Winnipeg)

Description: The practice of excluding students from large-scale assessments: Interviews with principals
Presenters: Tess Miller (UPEI), Anne Marie FitzGerald (UPEI), Han Xu (Queen's)

Description: This is how we do it: Integrating methods to promote collaborative change in higher education to support anti-oppression
Presenters: Sofia Melendez (Queen's), Michelle Searle (Queen's), Lee Airton (Queen's), Kel Martin (Queen's), Natalie Lefebvre (Queen's), Tristan Lewis (Queen's)

Thursday, June 3
4:30 – 5:30 pm

Bridging Traditional and Modern Ways of Learning for Green Futures: An Arts-Based Exploration of Anishinaabe Education from Learners' Perspectives

Presenter: Lindsay Morcom (Queen's)

Learning and Motivation

Description: Measuring Pre-Service Teachers' Beliefs About Learning and Teaching
Presenters: Stefan Merchant (Queen's), John Kirby (Queen's), Kristy Timmons (Queen's)

Description: Exploring the relationship between teachers' integration of formative assessment and motivation
Presenters: Eleftherios Soleas (Queen's), Heather Braund (Queen's), Christopher DeLuca (Queen's), Kristy Timmons (Queen's)

Environmental Literacy and Learning

Description: When genre expectations are disrupted in environmental documentaries: Are audiences motivated to act more sustainably?
Presenters: Claire Ahn (Queen's)

Online Professional Development

Description: Canadian Teachers' Perceptions of Online Professional Development
Presenters: Pamela Beach (Queen's), Elena Favret (Queen's), Alexandra Minuk (Queen's), Rhonda Martinussen (OISE-UT)

Program Committee Members: Michael Holden (Queen’s),Claire Ahn (Queen’s), Thashika Pillay (Queen’s), Pamela Beach (Queen’s), Andrew Campbell (Queen’s), Jacob DesRochers (Queen’s)