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Faculty of Education

CInRG Speakers Series

Discussion on Curriculum Theory with Rebecca Luce-Kapler

9:30 – 11:00 am
Thursday, March 12, 2015
Vernon Ready Room
Duncan McArthur Hall

Rebecca Luce-KaplerPlease join us for a conversation about curriculum theory with Dr. Rebecca Luce-Kapler

During this session, Dr. Luce-Kapler will draw on examples of her own work and engage us in a discussion of curriculum theory, including her perceptions of the changes over time in the field itself and within the Faculty of Education. She will also share her thoughts on how new curriculum scholars could begin to conceptualize and express their own work as they move forward into the field of curriculum theory. 

We invite you to bring a short sample of your own curriculum theory scholarship—a paragraph to a page— for engaging in a brief work session after the presentation.

9:30-10:15 am    Discussion on Curriculum Theory
10:15-11:00 am  Follow-up discussion and close reading of a piece of your own work

For more information please contact Launa Gauthier: launa.gauthier@queensu.ca 

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